WWE Content now Available in the UK Through the WWE Mobile Content Club

WWE Content now Available in the UK Through the WWE Mobile Content Club

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WWE Content now Available in the UK Through the WWE Mobile Content Club


A fan review of the WWE Mobile Content Club in the UK.

As a fan of WWE, I have been a long-term subscriber to the WWE Mobile Content Club in the UK and thought I’d summarise all of my experiences of using the club here for the benefit of other WWE fans. I am particularly writing at this time as recently the site has provided a range of user-friendly functionality enhancements to the club which has an ever-growing number of readily available WWE video clips.

WWE superstar Sasha Banks, just one of the superstars with content available in the club

What is the WWE Mobile Content Club?

The WWE Mobile Content Club is available in the UK and as the name suggests is a club which provides WWE content, there is only WWE here – but lots of it. Infact there are 2,000+ pieces of content (which is growing continuously) from WWE. This can all be streamed through the club HTML5 website to mobile devices on all of the popular browsers – Android, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and others. There is no need to download any software to use the club as it is all streamed online from your mobile device.

Although this website is not managed by WWE all of the content members will need is here and it’s a must for all WWE fans.

Fans of WWE will be able to watch all their favourite action advert free, as the WWE Mobile Content Club is entirely free of advertisements. Clips from all of the main WWE shows feature in the club including NXT, RAW, SmackDown and even from big events like Wrestle Mania so there is never any need to miss any of the action.

Videos clips are just part of the reason to join the club though. As well as the 2,000+ pieces of content there are also over 400 wallpapers of the top WWE superstars in addition to this there are a large variety of WWE ringtones to choose from. There are no limits, members can use as many wallpapers as they want from the available selection and also download ringtones whenever they fancy a new WWE tune.

Billing for the club is easy and is applied automatically through regular billing payments, which are added to the mobile billing plan of the member. Billing is possible through both monthly billing accounts as well as pay as you go; the providers with billing arrangements in place for the club are Vodafone, O2 and EE in the UK.

New functionality and improved interface for the WWE Mobile Content Club

A raft of new functionality has been recently added for the benefit of WWE Mobile Content Club members. I was especially pleased that these improvements were made without increasing the membership fees to members; this is unusual from my experience of other websites!

The first main change was a new sharper interface which makes the whole experience for members all the more pleasant.

Significant extra functionality has been added in the area of search and retrieval. As the content has been rapidly growing (now 2,000+ pieces of content) the need to improve the search for and retrieval of content, including favourites storage was paramount.

Watch WWE content from Wrestle Mania at the club

Four main areas of search were improved on the site, which are all now provided within the website. These four areas are:

Search by date – Search by date allows members to search the entire archives and find content relating to a particular date (or date range); this is very useful when a member knows the specific date of a match.

Search by category – Search by category allows searching for the various content types, e.g. video clips, wallpaper and ringtones.

Search by popularity Search by popularity is useful in that members can find the most popular video clips amongst members and choose to view them and

Search by WWE superstar – This has been my favourite enhancement. The need to search by superstar functionality was a must and allows members to search for their favourite WWE superstar by name (e.g. Fandango, Nikki Bella, Undertaker, etc.) All content relating to the superstar can be searched for and retrieved.

As a regular user of the new search functionality I think it is a significant advancement forward and I am sure it will be popular with other members and has been with ones I have spoken to.

Download WWE ringtones such as Fandango at the content club

Having found content it is also important to be able to easily retrieve it later too. Therefore it was good to see “favourite” type functionality has been added to the site. This functionality is very easy to use; members simply find a piece of content and click the favourite button to store in their favourites section for later retrieval. Members can favourite at two levels:

Content level (e.g. video clips, wallpapers, ringtones, etc.) and also

Superstar level – favourite the content of a particular superstar.

Functionality and interface improvements in the feature

From what I see the club has ever-growing popularity and increasing levels of membership. I have seen first-hand continuous updates to both the interface and functionality of the WWE Mobile Content Club.

Keep calm and watch WWE through the content club

The WWE Mobile Content Club looks like it is here to stay

To me the club looks like it is here to stay and members can look forward to future improvements as well. I am sure whilst the content is in demand then the club will be here and WWE continues to go from strength to strength!

I regularly provide user input and will continue to in the future, I have found a number of my past suggestions have been included in enhancements and updates. It’s good to know that recommendations you give are actually listened to. So if you are a fan of WWE why not give this club a try for yourself?

Image Credits: WWE Shop Unofficial, Matthew Dowson, Heather Burns and Peter Quinn

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