Are You Tough Enough To Play The Game They Play

Are You Tough Enough To Play The Game They Play

Justice is Coming

Are You Tough Enough To Play The Game They Play



Saturday night was bad. There is no other way to say it. If that was a “Bolt Up Or Shut Up” game, then we are in super deep shit. I am never one to blame anyone else for the Chargers losses. In fact, I probably blame the Chargers more than anyone. But Kansas City is not as good as we made them look. That is a sign of another missed opportunity. Lynn said after the game that maybe his emphasis on this one game made the team tight. The game WAS that important. A win would not only have made a postseason berth a lot more likely, but would have been much more of a believer.
I know the Bolts don’t give a shit about that.
But just look at the two photos from the game. That early pass to Williams could have been a touchdown. Later on, there was a deflected pass he also could have grabbed. From that stupid rub route on 3rd down in Foxboro to KC, this guy has underwhelmed. The touchdown in Dallas was clearly an aberration. All of our disastrous miscues have been throws in the direction of him and Benjamin. Of course, Mike Williams not showing enough may be the reason that these guys are still out there. I fucking hate Marcus Peters and the Jets, this week’s opponent, got him him implode. However, Keenan Allen can’t call him a bum based on one incomplete half of football last year. Like the Chiefs as a whole, he never looked as good as he did against the Chargers.
I know the Rams might not be a good comparison, since only Dean Spanos cares about the LA market. However, look at what Aaron Donald and Robert Quinn did in Seattle. In fact, look at what they did as a team. They smacked down an angry team at home. The Rams came back from the loss to the Eagles and beat the team that barely beat them earlier this year. Look at Gurley and the reject Bills receivers. Tell me they have more talent than the Chargers?
Really, I was thinking about Bosa and Ingram when I started that aside. As great as they’ve been, they didn’t do shit on Sunday. That’s a huge problem and I don’t care how many votes Bosa got for the Pro Bowl. First off, Ingram deserved to get in and I’ve been a huge critic of him in the past. These guys were absent when needed the most.
I feel bad that Ekler broke his hand, but that fumble, like the one in Jacksonville, was huge. The non-recovery early on was big, but at least the Chargers came back to take the lead after that. Ekler’s fumble did us in and was the play Henry got cheapshotted on. Everyone knows the effect of Perryman’s injury on the run defense and Hunt has had his best games all year against us. This is the same KC team that Oakland made look not so great the week before. I didn’t see enough on Saturday to make me confident that we can even handle the next two weeks, let alone the Chiefs.
Rivers was especially concerning. I know things weren’t going our way and he must have been a little anxious. But no one on that team has been through big games more and knows the effect of bad decisions with the ball. Every one of those picks (6 total against KC) was at the expense of someone else open on the field. I thought this was going to be Phil’s last chance at having a team that supports him. Maybe I listened to that Colin Cowherd clip too often. But Saturday night was really troubling.
So it might surprise you to know that I’m still going on Sunday. If the Niners hadn’t beaten the Titans, I might not have. But I got a 9 dollar ticket on StubHub and will seat in the 100s with longtime Justice Leaguer Tom Twomey. I’m still not sold that this team can even do what the 2013 one did. Think about it. We beat got in on a missed FG and fake punt (that wasn’t supposed to be called and might not have gotten the first down) and went on to beat the Bengals. Looking back, did that really help in the long run?
I won’t bother waxing poetically about how this team underachieved and my doubts for the future. If they lose Sunday, I can do that. But if I’m headed out there hopefully that won’t happen.
So all I can say is Merry XMas to you. I’ll be back next week.

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