The New York Post Done Did It Again!

The New York Post Done Did It Again!


The New York Post Done Did It Again!



I honestly have no idea why the Penguins consume so much real estate in the brains of New York sports journalists, but they do. Maybe it’s because they’re sick and tired of watching the Penguins mop up the Rangers year in and year out. Or maybe it’s because their face of the franchise is Ryan McDonagh (LOLOLOLOL). Whatever it is, the inferiority complex EXUDES out of these guys. Any opportunity they get to write a hit piece on Crosby (or the Penguins in general), they do it.

But guess what? This is only going to fuel the greatest player in the world. Sure, he’s having trouble scoring 5-on-5 goals now. But it’s not a matter of if Sid’s going to break out of this slump. It’s when. And dog shit hit pieces like this will only fuel Sid’s never-ending desire to be the best hockey player in all facets of the game in order to help his team win Stanley Cups. I can’t wait to see this screenshot pop up again on Freezing Cold Takes in due time.

P.S. – This is by far and away the funniest part of the article, and it has absolutely nothing to do with Sid:

New York Post – I don’t mean to be a Grinch about this, but the NHL is aware that the *Greatest Moment as voted by the fans on its website poll is kind of bogus, correct?

Because the Mario Lemieux five-goals-five-ways-achievement against the Devils in Pittsburgh on Dec. 31, 1988, in which No. 66 scored at even-strength, on the power play, on the penalty kill and on a penalty shot, was completed with a shot into an empty net that indeed crossed the goal line after time had expired.

This is not an urban myth. I was there, doing the radio color for the Devils. There wasn’t even a question about it. The grainy tapes of the moment that are available are not synched with a game clock, but you can see that Lemieux doesn’t even acknowledge scoring his fifth goal of the game.

And I can tell you that the Devils had no idea the goal counted until they got a glimpse of the postgame score sheet and players who had been on the ice noted, none too happily, that they had been charged with an extra minus on the historic *empty-netter in what went down in *history as an 8-6 defeat.

*Greatest Moment, indeed.

You heard that right, folks. It’s not an urban myth because Larry Brooks saw it happen with his own two eyes.


Lest we forget that time John Tortorella insinuating that Larry Brooks used to get beat up at the bus stop when he was a kid.

And finally, here’s another nice little gem of Dan Boyle telling Larry Brooks to get the fuck out of the Rangers locker room.

Happy Holidays Merry Christmas, folks (we’re saying it again)! Except you, Larry Brooks. I hope you get a lump of coal for Christmas and get beat up at the bus stop again for old time’s sakes. But in all reality, Sid will probably just start scoring more 5-on-5 goals, the Penguins will start winning again, and you’ll be waiting around for a little while to write your next hit piece on us.



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