Top 10 Sports Stories of 2017: (6) The injury bug

Top 10 Sports Stories of 2017: (6) The injury bug

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Top 10 Sports Stories of 2017: (6) The injury bug


Outside of the protest phenomenon, there is one major thing that has defined the 2017 NFL season: injuries. While injuries in the NFL are inevitable, this season has seen more top stars miss some or all of the season than any other season in recent memory. In fact, there could be an NFL super team consisting of all the players who went down this year.

Here are some (but definitely not all) of the notable players with major injuries this year: Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, Dalvin Cook, Carson Wentz, Odell Beckham Jr., J.J. Watt, Brandon Marshall, Andrew Luck, David Johnson, Spencer Ware, Darren Sproles, Julian Edelman, Zach Miller, Jason Peters, Ryan Shazier, Joe Thomas, Eric Berry, and a host of other top performing players.

While there is no explanation for the number of high profile injuries this year, the quality of play and fan enjoyment has certainly taken a hit this year with many potential match-ups being reduced to meaningless Thursday night games due to lack of star-power.

Speaking of Thursday night games, one criticism coming from players is the lack of necessity for the mid-week game, and it’s strain on players having to adjust to a short week. Although costly television contracts are involved, the NFL may want to look into whether those games are indeed causing players to go down.

Join us tomorrow as we look at a city that truly went from tragedy to triumph.

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