Thibs, Give The Bench More Minutes

Thibs, Give The Bench More Minutes

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Thibs, Give The Bench More Minutes


Dear Thibs,

The Timberwolves lost tonight, and the players played this many minutes:

It’s a lot right.

I mean, it’s bad enough that Jeff Teague‘s out, but this also happened tonight, unfortunately:

Andrew Wiggins was running, and running, bumped into Jimmy Butler—and bam! Ankle Injury.

Not pretty…

Before Wiggins got hurt, he was playing minute after minute building on his previous average—it was like, what, 35-40 per night—and I think it’s fair to say this now after the Timberwolves loss tonight: the injury bugs are coming…

With this kind of pace, these freak injuries—well…—they could ravage more, and maybe more, starters. Could you imagine a lineup that’s missing Andrew Wiggins, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Jimmy Butler?

I can’t…this team would be beyond recognition.

And so, Thibs, I’m asking you to allocate more of the starter minutes to players who are deserving of the time, players like Jamal Crawford, Gorgui Dieng and Nemanja Bjelica.

Those starters could really use a break.


Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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