One Way Or Another This Darkness Has Got To Give

One Way Or Another This Darkness Has Got To Give

Justice is Coming

One Way Or Another This Darkness Has Got To Give


At this point, I think we all know what needs to happen tomorrow. The game last week wasn’t pretty, but they held on. It reminded me of the last game I attended in Buffalo in 2014. It became clear that the Chargers weren’t going to let the opposing QB beat them because they knew he couldn’t. However, Petty had some bad overthrows that could have really done us in. But that’s what the Bolts were banking on I guess. The defense will need to play much better tomorrow. I don’t know if Perryman and Liuget will play but it would really help out the run defense.
If the Chargers don’t make the playoffs I would it rather be because Tennessee beat Jacksonville and not because we lost to the Raiders. I am sure Del Rio will remind his team of their ability to end our season, blah, blah, blah. The Chargers spoiled Oakland’s playoff hopes a few years back and all it did was give us more Norv.
Adrian Phillips is the only played already declared out for tomorrow. He hurt his ankle against the Jets but I didn’t see when it happened. I sat behind the Chargers bench and did notice that Gordon was out for a big chunk of the second half. But then he re-emerged only to hurt himself. Oliver looks slower every time he plays. I know he had to recover from a gruesome injury, but we’re in deep shit if he’s all we have. I know we signed another RB, but that might just be for depth.
What else did I notice on Sunday? The call on Bosa was bullshit and the NFL doubled down on its stupidity by fining him. Mike Williams’ drops were awful.
I just got back from Gov’t Mule in Atlantic City where the security guard that let me into the show told me he was a Charger fan. But he thought we’d get killed in the playoffs so it would be better if we didn’t get in. I’d like to see it. If Rivers can keep his shit together, I like our chances. Yes, we would not have beaten any “good teams.” But if they snag/steal a playoff berth they can do something about it.
I know we can look at the Miami, Jacksonville losses as the ones that ended the season. But I’m not sure they win the other games if they hadn’t lost those. This team always needs a sense of urgency. If we go down tomorrow, at least don’t let it be at the hands of the Traitors. That’s the only thing the Chargers can control so they better do it. I know this is a short post, but I already mentioned how I spent the last 24 hours. Also, there’s not much left to say. Talk won’t mean a thing.
Happy New Year. Talk to you next week.

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