Top 10 Sports Stories of 2017: (2) The Big Baller

Top 10 Sports Stories of 2017: (2) The Big Baller

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Top 10 Sports Stories of 2017: (2) The Big Baller


Where do we even start with this one? It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. Earlier this year, LaVar Ball went from being just another sports dad to being one of the most despised (or loved) people in the sports world.

Things started taking off just before the 2017 NCAA Final Four tournament when Ball constantly touted the talent of his oldest son Lonzo Ball. The UCLA star quickly became overshadowed by his father’s wild and attention-grabbing antics as Ball made himself a mainstay on televisions across the country.

Following that, Ball took things to the next level, announcing the formation of his Big Baller Brand. Subsequently, he announced that Lonzo would be releasing his own shoe with the hefty price tag of $495.

After Lonzo was drafted to the Los Angeles Lakers (a feat Ball claimed would happen months in advance), he turned his attention to his youngest son LaMelo, announcing he would remove him from Chino Hills High School to home school him and make basketball his primary focus.

Following that pit stop in the never-ending trail of LaVar Ball chronicles, Ball’s middle son LiAngelo was arrested in China for shoplifting along with other members of his UCLA basketball team. Following LiAngelo’s release, and a Twitter war with President Donald Trump, Ball decided to remove LiAngelo from UCLA. Since then, both youngest sons have signed contracts to play for Vytautas Prienai–Birštonas in Lithuania.

Ball’s latest venture is forming the Junior Basketball Association, a league aimed at allowing top high school recruits to get paid to play while showcasing their talents for NBA scouts. Unlike a lot of his previous antics, Ball has received a fair share of praise for the idea which rivals the controversial stance of the NCAA refusing to play college players.

Whether you consider Ball a nutcase or a mad genius, he has certainly given us plenty to talk about in 2017.

Join us tomorrow as we conclude our top stories of 2017 with a super-sized blown lead.

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