Iowa Wolves Defeat The Swarm 95-86: What To Know

Iowa Wolves Defeat The Swarm 95-86: What To Know

Howlin' T-Wolf Fan Reactions

Iowa Wolves Defeat The Swarm 95-86: What To Know


Dear (Timber)Wolves fans,

Here are the results of today’s Wolves game:

I’m not here to recap the games. You could read about it elsewhere.

What I’m here to do, and what I’ll be doing for every game, is share noteworthy tweets and highlights—What To Know, if you will—about the Iowa Wolves before, during and/or after their games.

You may be wondering, “Why am I doing this?” Well, it’s not complicated. I love the Timberwolves, and they are the parent club of the Iowa Wolves and so, like father like son, I follow the Iowa Wolves.

(Briefly, and more casually)

You might have another reason to follow this team, or no reason at all, which is okay! By giving you a glimpse of the Iowa Wolves, I’m here to help you, (Timber)Wolves fans, figure out the extent to which you want to care about this team.

So with that said, and I’ve said enough already, here’s What To Know about the Iowa Wolves:

After The Game…

(Some) Wolves Highlights:

The rest is history.


Go (Timber)Wolves! Get your howl on.

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