Chuck Pagano new defensive coordinator for Ravens?

Chuck Pagano new defensive coordinator for Ravens?


Chuck Pagano new defensive coordinator for Ravens?


On the surface the rumor of Chuck Pagano’s return to the Ravens to replace the now-retired Dean Pees sounds reasonable. The only thing that gives me pause to believe is possibly the only thing that would cause Pagano himself to hesitate—that is, just how secure is head coach John Harbaugh’s job going forward? Harbaugh has one year left on his current contract. The last thing Pagano needs right now is to sign on with another sinking ship.

Anyway, here’s guest writer Matt Birch with his own take on the Pagano rumor:

Could Chuck Pagano return to Baltimore as Ravens defensive coordinator?

by Matt Birch

Former Colts head coach Chuck Pagano failed to achieve sustainable success in Indianapolis during his six seasons with the team, but he could be returning to the place where he once thrived.

Pagano, a member of the Ravens’ organization from 2008-2011, appears to be drawing interest from his former employer. He was the team’s secondary coach for his first three years in Baltimore, and served as the defensive coordinator in 2011, when the team came up just short in attempting to defeat the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. Had one or two plays gone the Ravens’ way, they may have ended up playing in Super Bowl XLVI, but it wasn’t to be.

Now that Pagano has been relieved of his head coaching duties, the Ravens apparently want to reunite him with head coach John Harbaugh. A report from Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun states that he’s a leading candidate to fill the defensive coordinator vacancy left by Dean Pees’ decision to retire.

It will be interesting to see if Pagano is interested, as he may elect to take a year or two off from coaching altogether. Still, it is a great opportunity for him, as he would be returning to work alongside a coaching staff he’s familiar with, and wouldn’t have to make any major adjustments as far as defensive scheme goes. The Ravens boast a top-5 defense, and the possibility of returning to coach them could be too attractive for Pagano to pass up.

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