2017 NFL Playoff predictions

2017 NFL Playoff predictions

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2017 NFL Playoff predictions


The NFL Playoffs begin today! I was way, way, WAY off in my season predictions, especially in the NFC where I hit on one of six picks (Eagles). In the AFC, I was far better, nailing down four of six (Pats, Steelers, Titans, and Chiefs).

My Super Bowl predictions? Shot. Big time. I had Oakland vs. Green Bay. Derek Carr vs. Aaron Rodgers. Neither made the playoffs in 2017, for very different reasons.

It’s playoff time now, and a new set of predictions are needed. Here they are:


Chiefs over Tennessee- Chiefs aren’t losing at home

Jags over Buffalo- Jags defense bro…Jags defense

Falcons over L.A.- experience and a hot Falcons team beat the Rams

Saints over Carolina- Saints are a very good football team, and at home


Falcons over Eagles- Philly isn’t beating anybody with Foles or Sudfeld at QB

Vikings over New Orleans- Vikings defense at home…yikes

Pats over Chiefs- Revenge game for the Pats from Week 1 embarrassment

Jags over Steelers- Jags defense bro

Conference Championship

Vikings over Falcons- Vikings defense at home…yikes times two

Pats over Jags- If JimmyG shredded the Jags defense, imagine what Brady will do?

Super Bowl 

Pats over Vikings- Vikings essentially play a home game, but this is the Patriots, and they figure it out, like they always do. It’s classic New England.

If there’s any upsets to watch, obviously, a Rams win changes the playoffs somewhat, but not much in the NFC. Vikings are the best team. In the AFC, the Jags-Steelers game is a tough call, but I think the Steelers missing Ryan Shazier and possibly Antonio Brown really hampers them against a tough as nails Jags defense. The other surprise would be Kansas City somehow going to the New England and once again, dominating the Patriots, which I just don’t see happening against a Bill Belichick team.

Whatever your predictions, enjoy the playoffs everybody!

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