LEGO Jose Altuve is Awesome

LEGO Jose Altuve is Awesome

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LEGO Jose Altuve is Awesome


From winning the World Series to being named American League MVP, Jose Altuve has had a pretty incredible year.

Now…there’s this. Dude has been immortalized in LEGOs.

Houston-based artist Joseph Kraham had an idea (it was a dare, really) and 44,000 pieces later, one brick at a time, his masterpiece was complete.

“Every one of these pieces is hand-painted. It’s a really painstaking process,” Kraham said. “When the World Series started, I had painted all the pieces, but I only had one leg done. My wife teased me and said you better hurry up.”

So what’s next? Kraham hopes Altuve takes notice.

“Please sign this. Wherever you want, I will come to you,” the artist added. “And it would be great if it could be displayed at Minute Maid Park.”

All in all, Kraham spent more than 220 hours (close to three months) to bring his creation to fruition. You can check out more of his artwork HERE.


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