Your Morning Dump... Where Kyrie is "strong internally"

Your Morning Dump... Where Kyrie is "strong internally"

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Your Morning Dump... Where Kyrie is "strong internally"


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big story line. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“I can’t necessarily pinpoint a specific point, but for me this season has been a learning experience to be able to do that. The expectations that were brought forth on this season, that were brought forth on myself, expectations that I had, if I didn’t have that patience, if I didn’t have that patience, then I probably would have lost it. And I can’t lose it. And I refuse to, I’m just too strong internally and mentally to do that. And then the talent on the court will do itself, as long as I put the work in every single day.”


Kyrie’s a different cat.

Mind you, most of us look kind of weird when we’re trying to think on the fly and our words are being transcribed.

But the main thing is this, Kyrie’s one of the guys (Al Horford’s the other), that’s teaching these young Celtics players how to do the stuff that Stevens is always talking about.

Stevens can talk about the need to stay even keeled, not to get too high or too low, but when you’ve got a guy like Kyrie who shows you what that looks like during games that’s a huge advantage. ‘Oh, that’s what he’s talking about.’

The Celtics have just one game left before the big ol’ London trip–they’ll be on the road tonight (kind of) to visit Mike Dynon’s old stomping grounds, Brooklyn, New York:

This game kind of feels like a bit of a trap game–but it also kind of doesn’t. The Celtics seem to have rediscovered their identity over the past week (amazing what happens when you actually get days off, eh?), and I could see them easily dispatching the Nets (and doing the Cavs a bit of a favor in the process).

Page 2: Dad Brad thinks Tatum’s Rookie of the Month award is ‘nice’, ‘sweet.’

“At the end of the day, though, it’s continuing to do all the great things he’s doing, because he’s consistent, and that’s why he got it, because he’s played well and he’s consistent. It’s really hard to be consistent at any age, but certainly 19, so there’s a great opportunity now to respond to that nice award.”

In 17 December games, Tatum averaged 14.6 points on 52.9 percent shooting, along with 5.9 rebounds and 1.2 assists. The rookie said he appreciated Stevens’s note.

“He told me not to let the early success stop me from growing,” Tatum said. “He just wants me to strive and continue to try to achieve bigger and better things and try to keep getting better each and every day.”

Boston Globe

Brad Stevens, apparently channeling dialogue from Leave it to Beaver

Finally: The mess is still messy

I’m soooooooooooo sick of this debate.

Run a tribute video for IT right after the Cavs’ lineups are announced and before the C’s lineups and let’s not speak of this anymore. It ain’t gonna be IT’s night. Jeez. IT wasn’t with the team long enough to get a whole night, and Pierce should’ve been with the team long enough to appreciate that the Celtics are generous to pretty much anyone who wore the uniform.

I mean, think about it, imagine this scenario: The Celtics are going to give Kelly Olynyk the ‘hero among us’ award, but for whatever reason, he can’t be with the team on their first trip to Boston. Suppose that the Celtics had already planned on retiring Pierce’s number at the next Heat game. Would it make sense for Pierce to be grouchy because the team was going to do a little something for Kelly Olynyk?

I’m even more sick of the people taking Pierce’s side of the argument today, because they’re basically the same sort of people that would’ve pilloried him for that goofy face-bandage stunt, or the “great player on a bad team” quote–you know the type–people who think that being really angry all the time makes them better fans.

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