Maybe The Gorgui Dieng Extension Was A Mistake

Maybe The Gorgui Dieng Extension Was A Mistake

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Maybe The Gorgui Dieng Extension Was A Mistake


Dear Thibs,

Remember the moments you decided to extend Gorgui Dieng?

It made sense at the time. You needed a young power forward like Gorgui Dieng, someone who was brimming with a lot of potential, so you and Mr. Layden saw him as a piece of the puzzle.

What about now? Where does Gorgui Dieng fit into this complex web of cap space and roster space that we call the big picture?

He’s nothing more than a benchwarmer right now, averaging this many points this season:

The numbers aren’t pretty, and neither is the GS category.

Right now, Gorgui Dieng is being paid $14,112,360 and moving forward, these are his remaining salary obligations:

Those aren’t pretty numbers either.

And then there’s the cap space to consider and whether or not you should re-sign both Jimmy Butler and Karl-Anthony Towns.

You get the idea now, right Thibs? I think you see what I see right now.

Maybe the Gorgui Dieng extension was a mistake.

Maybe it’s time to fix your mistakes…after the playoffs.


Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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