Oilers Postgame: Was That A Victory?

Oilers Postgame: Was That A Victory?


Oilers Postgame: Was That A Victory?


So that was a win. I think.

The first two minutes notwithstanding, the Oilers managed to play most of the game without pooping their pants and managed to take two points from…..the worst team in the league.

Darnell Nurse scored 2 and Connor McDavid made all the Coyotes look dumb Pat Maroon’s goal, but beyond that it wasn’t good.

  • Cam Talbot got chased after letting in two goals on three shots. This isn’t great and maybe (just maybe) Cam isn’t a starter. Maybe.
  • The first few minutes of every game is an adventure but not the good kind. In their last 7, the Oilers have only scored twice in the first period (both tonight). They play from behind all the time, and that can’t go on.
  • Sure they won but this was the Coyotes and they BARELY did that. A loss tonight would have been the death knell on the season (which isn’t to say that they’re going to make the playoffs, but losing to Arizona at this point in the season would be embarrassing).

Really, there isn’t much to say. The Oilers have scored 6 goals in 4 games and are 1-3 (and that 1 was against the Coyotes), and need to earn 54 points in 37 games to hit 95 points on the year.

Like the first few minutes of tonight’s game, it ain’t looking good.

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