What Did You Miss From Cardinals Winter Warm-Up '18?

What Did You Miss From Cardinals Winter Warm-Up '18?

St. Louis Cardinals

What Did You Miss From Cardinals Winter Warm-Up '18?


The warming is complete this winter for Cardinals fans.

Next stop, spring training.

But what did we learn about the team over the holiday weekend?

Let’s get caught up.

Yadier Molina is retiring after the 2020 season.

Yadi has always been one of the smartest guys on any baseball field he steps on.

And by firmly declaring an end date of NOV 2020 (baking in an extra month for a World Series run) for his time behind the plate, he heads off 2 years of incessant questions about his retirement plans.

He’ll still have to deal with all the stories in 2020 about how ‘this is the last time Reds fans can boo Yadi in Cincinnati’ or ‘this is the last chance the Washington Post will have to report on how Molina thinks his manager is BSing the fans’…

But for now he’s got two seasons of relative peace.

The team you see now seems to be the team you’ll get in 2018.

So I guess I should cancel my pre-ordered Yu Darvish shirsey?

To be fair, this could be Mr. DeWitt negotiating through the media and the Cardinals might end up with another player or two if the market continues to be soft.

At the same time, when dad says we’re done, we’re usually done.

The Cardinals payroll is shaping up to be slightly less in ’18 than it was in ’17.


I could give a rip about the payroll.

The better question is do the Cardinals have enough firepower to compete with the Cubs in the NL Central?

If yes?

Cool. I don’t care if they spent 100M or 100B to get to that point. It’s not my money. I just want to see some W’s against the north siders.

If no?

Well that’s when I start to wonder why not… because it does seem like the Cardinals are making a nice profit. Shouldn’t some of that cash be spent on roster upgrades?

Tommy Pham, everybody!

Dude is a star in the making.


Luke Gregerson was named the closer to start 2018. 

*Looks up Luke Gregerson’s 2017 stats…*

  • 4.57 ERA
  • 62 hits in 61 innings pitched
  • 31 runs surrendered
  • 13 home runs surrendered
  • 0.0 WAR


You hate to put too much stock in anything that happens the first 7-10 days of a season, but I can promise you if a blown save in the 9th happens with Gregerson on the mound?

It’s going to be your first big story of 2018.

Twitter polls should be relied on about as much as single ply toilet paper…



That’s not good.

Feels like the fans might not be totally on board with this one.

Cardinals continue to treat bloggers like actual humans.

Digital fist bumps all around.


It was nice having Cardinals takes back in our lives over the weekend.

On to Febrauary.

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