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Why Super Bowl 52 Could Be The Worst Ever

There is always a lot of hype surrounding the Super Bowl. This year, it’s quite possible it’ll die down considerably well before the game arrives.

Tom Brady guiding the New England Patriots to a repeat attempt in Super Bowl 52 is interesting, but what if he doesn’t get the job done this weekend?

The Pats are still the obvious favorites at top Super Bowl betting sites like Bovada (-110), but this weekend they run into a potential defensive buzzsaw in the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Known now as “Sacksonville” after finishing second in the NFL in sacks (55), the Jaguars proved their worth last week by downing the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field. It’s now entirely plausible to imagine them coming into Foxborough and staging a second consecutive upset.

The only thing is, for NFL bettors and fans alike, it might not be in everyone’s best interest.

New England getting back to the Super Bowl again could be seen as boring, too. They’re already breaking the proverbial record by reaching the AFC title game for a ridiculous 7th straight season.

Getting back to the league’s title game and repeating as champions would be impressive, but it also could provide fans with a ho-hum cap to what – looking back – was a fairly predictable NFL season.

If you think that’s bad, there’s more reasoning to fear that Super Bowl 52 could be an epic disaster. I’m talking betting payoff, ratings, entertainment value and the product itself on Super Bowl Sunday. Here’s a few reasons why:

The Pats Might Win Again

This is great for all things Boston and it’d be historic, but as noted, it could also come off as saturation.

It’s bad enough the Pats are a game away from the Super Bowl nearly every single year now, but if they keep winning the whole thing, what is this even all for?

All you hear about is Tom Brady and the Pats. We get it; they’re great. But what kind of league is the NFL if the same team wins all the time? The NFL would suddenly be bordering on the NBA, which is often all too predictable.

Football fans don’t want predictability. They want upsets, intrigue and to be entertained. It’s arguable another Pats title – or even an appearance in Super Bowl 52 – might not be as fun as some would have you think.

None of the Quarterbacks

Say the Pats actually don’t beat the Jags. If that happens, fans are looking at a Super Bowl that consists of some seriously weak quarterback play.

Blake Bortles has had his moments and Case Keenum has been a fun story, but on paper, these guys are not elite NFL passers. It’s pretty arguable the wheels have already begun to fall off of both of these quarterbacks, too.

Before a game-winning score that comes straight out of Madden, Keenum nearly flopped last week for the Vikes. The same goes for Bortles, who hadn’t been getting the job done over the last few weeks before riding Leonard Fournette’s momentum and making some key plays in a crazy 45-42 win in Pittsburgh.

Oh, and then there’s Nick Foles. My goodness. This guy is a living definition of a fluke, as he once put up 7 touchdowns in a game and few will forget his incredible run back in 2013. Foles put up 27 passing scores that year, only to get exposed as a mediocre talent throughout the rest of his career.

Foles popped off for 4 scores in his first start after Carson Wentz went down, then promptly fizzled out over his next three games. Even if Philly makes it to the Super Bowl despite him, they may be held back by him in the end.

A Battle of Losers

The other thing I’m a little worried about is the fact that nobody in these conference championship games (outside of New England) has ever won a Super Bowl.

Philadelphia lost the only time they got there, Jacksonville has never made it that far and Minnesota is 0-4 in the biggest NFL game of the year.

At least the Patriots bring experience and credibility to the table. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have been in 7 of these things and they’ve won it all 5 different times. This could be their 8th title game together and if they play their cards right, they’ll take home their 6th Lombardi Trophy.

It could be a lot of fun to see the Vikings, Jaguars or Eagles secure their first ever Super Bowl win, but the fact that they’ve never been here before could pave the way for a really boring title game.

Too Much Defense?

The emphasis of this entire article is on Super Bowl 52 not living up to expectations. That could still happen even if New England should bow out and Super Bowl 52 would then be guaranteed to feature two really talented defenses.

The other three teams in the running here do two things at an elite level: run the football and defend. All three rank inside the top 5 in total defense, the Eagles and Vikings boast top 5 run defenses and the Jaguars own the best pass defense in all of football.

There’s more. Minnesota paced the NFL in fewest points allowed per game, while the Jaguars and Eagles ranked 2nd and 4th, respectively. These teams were all solid at rushing the passer (all inside the top 17) and forcing turnovers (all inside top 13), as well.

On top of that, only the Vikes (11th) bring a dynamic passing game to the table. Philly did have an elite threat in Carson Wentz, but nobody can trust in their 13th place ranking at this point. Jacksonville, meanwhile, struggled (17th) with Bortles running the show.

The point? Explosive plays could be hard to come by in Super Bowl 52. There could be more turnovers than we’d love to see and there could be a lot of running and tackling. In turn, that could mean very little offensive production, fewer exciting plays and a lot less scoring than an NFL title game deserves.

Betting on the Super Bowl, watching the Super Bowl or cheering on your favorite team (should they make it there) all still make this an event worth tuning in. However, if things break the wrong way, this could easily end up being one of the worst Super Bowls in recent memory.

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