Randal Grichuk Wasn't Fully On Board With How He Was Managed

Randal Grichuk Wasn't Fully On Board With How He Was Managed

St. Louis Cardinals

Randal Grichuk Wasn't Fully On Board With How He Was Managed


It’s a right of passage at this point.

If you’re a young Cardinals outfielder that doesn’t reach your full potential in St. Louis and gets traded to Toronto?

You rip the manager.

Colby did it.

Now Randal’s doing it.

Ok, ‘rip’ might be a little strong.

But you can almost feel Cardinals fans lining up on opposite sides with this (mildly) juicy quote.

Side 1: Bruh. You struck out 274 times the last two seasons. You had a .239 average. I mean, we loved those dongs, but let’s not act like the Cardinals should have put your name on the line-up card with ink.

Side 2: See! Matheny is RUINING this proud franchise. I bet Grichuk hits 50 home runs this year for the Blue Jays and we gave up a future MVP for a stinking reliever?!

The reality?

It’s probably a little more nuanced.

Would Grichuk have been a better player if he knew that he was going to be in the line-up day in and day out instead of worrying if this particular at-bat would be his last for a week if he didn’t get a hit?


Is this a referendum on how Mike Matheny develops young talent at the major league level? On how he manages the day to day grind of trying to dole out playing time to a squad with limited amounts of entrenched veterans?

Yeah, probably.

Both sides have a point…

Randal needs to be better to warrant playing 150+ games a year for a contending MLB team.

Matheny needs to re-evaluate the way that he’s been handling the Cardinals the past two years and see if he can adapt and change.

In the meantime, we’ll enjoy the talk radio calls/Tweets about this as we countdown the days until pitchers and catchers report.

Also, have you seen Colby Rasmus’ neckbeard?

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