Vandals Tear Up Field of Dreams

Vandals Tear Up Field of Dreams

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Vandals Tear Up Field of Dreams


For almost 30 years(!), baseball and movie fans have been hitting Dyersville, Iowa to check out the filming location of the iconic film “Field of Dreams” and have a catch.

Sadly, the super popular eastern Iowa tourist location was the subject of a vandal or vandals.

Monday night someone drove their vehicle (police think it might have been a truck) onto the popular baseball field ripping up the pitcher’s mound, the infield and the outfield. And because of the very un-January-like warm temperatures, the field was very soft and wet, meaning, some of the ruts were close to four inches in depth.

“I just said, ‘shit…I got a lot of work to do,’” groundskeeper Al Steffen said. “They couldn’t have went on the field at a worse time.”

The field’s sprinkler system might have been busted too, but Steffen can’t tell for sure until it starts to warm up. Either way, repairs to the field look to be costly and because of that, a GoFundMe page has already been established to help cover some of the perceived costs and install a security system.


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