Inside the Canucks' front office

Inside the Canucks' front office

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Inside the Canucks' front office


[In an office overlooking Vancouver Harbor]

Exec 1: Well, it’s obviously not going well for us now. It’s February, almost time for the trade deadline. We need to stat thinking about the future and how we can build towards that.

Exec 2: Thank goodness part of that is already settled. We will have a couple of Swedes in their late 30s manning one of the top lines. How is that for forward thinking? Signing a bunch of old dudes is a new market inefficiency, I am willing to bet.

Exec 1: Just a brilliant, unexpected piece of general management making sure the Sedins want to stick around. So what other pieces can we use going forward?

Exec 2: I think we really need to figure out the Erik Gudbranson situation. Obviously, he is the kind of player that we want to keep around. He’s crazy tough!

Exec 1: That’s so true! We need tough guys, and let me tell you, guys who don’t score much, can’t stay healthy but are willing to hit people definitely don’t come a dime a dozen in the AHL!

Exec 2: Definitely. Listen to these stats: He’s averaging a goal per season since he’s come to Vancouver! He’s played over 30 games in each of those seasons, and finished with a +/- no worse than -14 in those two years.

Exec 1: And you’re telling me that he is extremely popular in the locker room and is gritty?

Exec 2: That’s right!

Exec 1: Errrrggghhhh, I hope we can re-sign him! Whatever the price!


(This look into the Canucks decision making process was inspired by this, from the Vancouver Sun. )

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