Jayson Werth Attends State of the Union

Jayson Werth Attends State of the Union

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Jayson Werth Attends State of the Union


With Spring Training around the corner, most Major Leaguers are getting ready to hit Arizona or Florida to get prepare for the upcoming season.

Jayson Werth spent his Tuesday night in the nation’s capitol.

Sure, sure, the free agent spent the last seven seasons as a member of the Washington Nationals so being in DC is not that uncommon, but this time…he was there to take in the State of the Union.

You see, the bearded slugger was a guest of Illinois representative Rodney Davis. Werth’s organic farm (yes…dude really does have an organic farm) is in Davis’ district. And, according to Twitter, Werth spent time last month lobbying for organic farmers.

It all makes sense now.

So, yeah, more about Werth, the newly “inspired” farmer.

Just prior to joining the Nationals, the outfielder altered his lifestyle by dropping gluten and dairy from his diet. He also made every effort to stay away from nonorganic foods and GMOs. This would lead to him buying land in Southern Illinois and, voila…organic farming.



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