Which teams will play in FIFA 2018 world cup?

Which teams will play in FIFA 2018 world cup?

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Which teams will play in FIFA 2018 world cup?


FIFA 2018 World Cup is just around the corner. There is a wave of enthusiasm in all the football freaks out there and one can just not wait for the most popular annual sporting event.

From Argentina just on the verge of qualification to an exceptional gameplay by the Germans, FIFA 2018’s group stage was a must-watch. Nevertheless, the rest of it can be enjoyed absolutely on FIFA World Cup 2018 Live. But which teams have managed their ways to the final 32? Here’s the final draw, check out if your favorite team is there.


The first pot consists of the following teams: Russia, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Argentina, Belgium, Poland and France.

Russia being the host automatically qualified in the tournament when they won the chance back in December 2010. They were further joined by Belgium on they managed to defeat Greece with a margin of one goal. This pot is even honored by the presence of defending champion Germany who are anticipated as the favorites.

Portugal and Argentina are part of this pot as well who are privileged arguably by two of the best players of all time named Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Five times World Cup winner Brazil is also looking forward to win the title along with France and Poland.


The second pot consists of the following teams: Spain, Peru, Switzerland, England, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and Croatia.

England were not as good as they used to be in the group stages but still managed to seal their trip to Russia with a staggering victory over Slovenia. Spain, who are 2010 World Cup winners, were successful in showing beautiful football and making a place amongst the 32 teams. Furthermore, Switzerland qualified as well after a highly controversial penalty.

Luka Modric’s Croatia is also managed to make their place after defeating Greece 4-1. South American beasts Uruguay, Peru and Colombia are also inherent part of this pot.


The third pot consists of the following teams: Denmark, Iceland, Cost Rica, Sweden, Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, and Senegal.

The third pot dominantly comprises of the underdogs. Iran were the first Asian team to qualify with an amazing victory over Uzbekistan. Moving towards Europe, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland made their place to the best 32 teams that will perform in the 2018 World Cup. Despite of the competition, these teams have performed exceptionally and received appreciation from their supporters.

Egypt, Tunisia and Senegal are the African sides. Senegal managed to make their place amongst the 32 teams first time since 2002. Tunisia squeezed through with a draw against Libya. Even though Egyptians have won the Africa Cup of Nations four times, Egypt have qualified for the World Cup for the first time after 1990.


The fourth pot consists of the following teams: Serbia, Nigeria, Australia, Japan, Morocco, Panama, Korea Republic and Saudi Arabia.

The Japanese side topped the group with one point ahead of Saudi Arabia who gained an edge over the Australian side on goal difference. Similarly, South Korea secured their ninth consecutive appearance by going unbeaten in the group stages.

Panama reached their first World Cup round of 32 after defeating Costa Rica. Moreover, Nigeria became the first side from Africa to reach Russia. You can watch complete coverage of Fifa world cup 2018 live stream here.

Bottom Line

Qualification stages of FIFA World Cup 2018 were full of surprises. With teams like Panama qualifying and Italy failing to reach the round of 32, group stages generated a wave of interest amongst already excited viewers. It is highly anticipated which team will bag the trophy this year.

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