The Lightning are here to ruin your dreams

The Lightning are here to ruin your dreams

Barry Melrose Rocks

The Lightning are here to ruin your dreams


Saturday night, the Tampa Bay Lightning went all the way to Vancouver to take on the Canucks, who are presently wearing their third bad decision in a row. One thing that often works to Vancouver’s advantage is their location well to the northwest of almost any other team in the NHL, save for the Albertans, and even they are several hundred miles to the east. The Lightning have to travel further than any team, save for the Florida Panthers.

Yeah, they don’t care. Just ask Alexander Edler up there. The Lightning have the best record in the NHL, and a big part of that is their league best road record. They don’t have the Las Vegas Strip to help aid an inflated home record. The Lightning just win anywhere, even after a 5 hour flight to Vancouver. Sorry, Canucks, your remoteness won’t work on these guys.

On the other hand, your fans won’t know the difference. Look at these lunatics.

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