Touchdowns and Tangents Podcast: Don't Play Chicken with an Eagle

Touchdowns and Tangents Podcast: Don't Play Chicken with an Eagle

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Touchdowns and Tangents Podcast: Don't Play Chicken with an Eagle


The Touchdowns and Tangents podcast covers the legacy of Super Bowl 52 and much more.

Kenny and Pete cover a ton of topical tangents since the Super Bowl is over and Philly is still standing. It is somewhere between the Met Gala and the apocalypse.

The duo shares some takes on Jimmy Garoppolo got a fat bag of cash from the San Francisco 49ers. Malcolm Butler gets slander and passive aggression from his previous regime. Kenny goes into the NCAA football national signing day while Pete gives his take on some NBA basketball trades from this week.

Some of the episode’s featured tangents are about black history month, social justice, and gangster rap.

This podcast is like… the hood food spot you find and you really like but you don’t want to share with everyone because you’re afraid they’ll blow. Then, you realize you have to because it is for the greater good.

Why listen to the Touchdowns and Tangents Podcast?

Listen to “Don’t Play Chicken with an Eagle” on Spreaker.

We’re a professional quality podcast recorded in a studio by two professional journalists. This show is always live and topical. We’ve got over 60 episodes and have been bodying the sports competition for almost four years. Sports media lie, our archives do not.

Established 9–22–16 in Los Angeles and a hood food spot near you.

This podcast is more than a football podcast for football heads by football heads. TDs & Tangents features topical tangents and endless banter surrounding the NFL, culture, and society. That means race, sex, hip hop, food, politics, economics, religion and almost everything else comes up during this football podcast.

Give Tds & Tangents a listen here, on Spreaker, on Soundcloud, the iHeartradio app, in Apple Podcast app or the Google Play store. You can also follow Touchdowns and Tangents on Twitter, like them on Facebook, watch their videos on Youtube, play them on SoundCloud, read them on Medium and add them on Instagram. Trust their process. They’re content lives on a dozen other podcast apps and distributors too.  We’re also produced and hosted on the Good News Radio Station

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