Spring Training Primer: The Best of Goodyear 2018 According to Some Idiot Who Lives There

Spring Training Primer: The Best of Goodyear 2018 According to Some Idiot Who Lives There


Spring Training Primer: The Best of Goodyear 2018 According to Some Idiot Who Lives There


Having lived there for nearly a decade, I now feel completely comfortable in shoving opinions of Goodyear in general and Arizona as a whole on those vacationing there for Indians Spring Training (or any other reason). The following things are some of the best things about the Indians home away from home. Pictured above is the unofficial/official best bird of Goodyear.


The cheapest hotel in Goodyear is most likely the Best Western on Litchfield and Van Buren while those who prefer the opposite end of the spectrum stay in Scottsdale (which is 45 minutes away) with the Glendale accommodations lying somewhere in between. In Goodyear, however, there are a couple solid options. The first is Comfort Suites which is on Estrella Parkway, just a few miles north of Goodyear Ballpark. This hotel is in a shopping plaza and within walking distance of many restaurants. For slightly higher scale, check out the TownPlace Suites by Marriott on Celebrate Life Way off Litchfield Road.

Place to Get Stuff

If you love Walmart, feel free to ignore this and just go to the one on Estrella Parkway and the I-10 for everything you forgot at home. However, for better service, quality and moral superiority here are some alternatives. For food, check out Fry’s on Yuma and Sarival, just west of the Ballpark. They have decent quality, low prices and are owned by Kroger, so you might actually have a loyalty card already if you are from Ohio. While a bit further away, the produce is better at both Sprouts and Food City. Sprouts also has the advantage of having many products being available in bulk purchase including dry fruit and trail mix, things that are allowed in Goodyear Ballpark if they are in a quart size or smaller bag. Both grocery stores are on Dysart Road in Goodyear/Avondale.

For not quite emergencies, you can pick up medicine at Walgreens at the north-west corner of Estrella and Van Buren (for actual emergencies, there’s an Dignity Health emergency room on the south-west corner).

Markings made in the White Tank Mountains by actual Native Americans, not Cleveland Indians. – Joseph Coblitz, BurningRiverBaseball

Hiking Trail

If you’re traveling to Arizona for the first time, there is no place better than Sedona. The vast majority of the trails are free and pound-for-pound it is the most beautiful place in the state and one of the most in the country. It’s also a significantly shorter drive than the Grand Canyon and can easily be done on an off day between baseball games. However, it is not actually within Goodyear. The only mountains within the city limits are the Estrellas, located off Estrella Parkway south of the ballpark, but I’m going to go off the beaten path a bit and recommend the White Tank mountains in Buckeye/Waddell. It is a bit of a drive, but for those not used to the Arizona heat/terrain, it is a much better alternative as the trails are easier and more clearly marked. As much as everyone loves it, I don’t recommend Camelback Mountain in Phoenix simply because everyone loves it. Phoenix doesn’t exactly have an iconic skyline and the sheer amount of people constantly on the trail make it less enjoyable than the other areas mentioned.

Place for Children to Run Around

For Free: There are multiple playgrounds at both Goodyear Community Park and Friendship Park in Avondale that are great for kids. Goodyear Community Park has a skate park and tennis courts while Friendship Park has a small pond.

Not for Free: Even if you’ve been to Goodyear before, you probably haven’t been to Elevate Trampoline Park, which opened about a year ago. They are fairly priced, open 7 days a week and located off Litchfield Road.

Place for Adults to Run Around

While there are a few bars/restaurants in Goodyear, there is essentially no night life. Instead, I’ll take this point to highly recommend the Tempe Improv at 930 E. University Dr in Tempe. Of the multiple comedy clubs in the area, I’ve found this one to have the best ambiance and to attract the best talent. Of those already scheduled for March, Ryan Hamilton from the 13th through the 17th should be the best bet.

For more of a traditional tourist bar setting, check out West Gate in Glendale at least once. The plaza is located on the north side of Gila River Arena (where the Coyotes play for the moment) and near the University of Phoenix Stadium.


These recommendations are based on proximity to Goodyear Ballpark, price and personal experience. If you can’t find good food in Goodyear, you are welcome to eat your hat.

Mexican Seafood – Mariscos Camaron Pelao: 350 N Dysart

Mexican Standard – Senor Taco: 525 N Estrella Pkwy

Bar/Grill – Augies: 15605 W Roosevelt St

Frozen Yogurt – Dreamswirls: 15570 W Van Buren St

Asian – Ah-Hai Sushi: 831 S Cotton Lane

Sandwiches/Salads – Sandwich Masterz: 380 N Estrella Pkwy

Piles of Meat – Dickey’s: 15525 W Roosevelt St

It’s not my thing, but if you need your Starbucks, there are locations inside nearly every Safeway (nearest to the ballpark is on Estrella pkwy), Frys (nearest is on Yuma) and Target (nearest is on Cotton Lane). There is also a stand alone Starbucks on Litchfield Road next to a Target. One of the advantages/disadvantages of being in a city that went from just over 6,000 people in 1990 to nearly 80,000 in 2018 is there are almost no local businesses since there wasn’t time for them to establish themselves. Instead, Goodyear has essentially every single major retail chain that exists. This includes any fast food restaurant you could want, but the overarching purpose of this piece is to offer some local alternatives, so I can’t recommend enough that you avoid the familiar in favor of something new.

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