NHL Valentines: Because That's a Thing

NHL Valentines: Because That's a Thing


NHL Valentines: Because That's a Thing


In a social media craze that’s become ever-present over the last few years, most sports teams, as well as other well-known business, share funny/punny Valentine’s Day e-cards leading up to February 14th.  The Penguins have made fans laugh with their great quips about Phil-ing the love over the last few weeks in quirky and cute cards featuring everyone from Sidney Crosby…

…to Head Coach, Mike Sullivan.


And for those of you not over the whole Fleury thing yet, there’s this:


Fans are even encouraged to get in on the fun and this one from last year still makes me smile with the accuracy:



So when the NHL decided to wade into the party it seemed like it was going to be a good time. And with Valentines saying “Your love is Price-less” and exclaiming “Everything about you is on Point,” it all seemed in good fun… Then things took a turn for the …odd…


Okay, I get it…it’s supposed to be funny. I feel this one may have missed the mark, though. I mean what were the rejected ones?

“Do you know what goaltender interference is? Neither do I, we have a lot in common.”

“You slew-footed me into loving you”

“Now boarding: You into my heart”

“The suspension might be worth it to give you a headshot.”

“I’d take a skate blade to the neck for you”

“Let me show you ‘intent to blow.'”

“629(b): Leaving the penalty bench isn’t the only thing I’ll be doing prematurely tonight”

“You can dance my pants off anytime.”

“You might be a repeat offender, but not by my CBA.”

“You’ll get more than two minutes for high sticking tonight.”

“I’ll show you a too much man penalty.”

“Upon video review, your love entered before the puck, therefore, the call on the ice is reversed, no Valentine.”





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