Kyrie visits Kimmel, hilarity ensues

Kyrie visits Kimmel, hilarity ensues

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Kyrie visits Kimmel, hilarity ensues


Already in Los Angeles for the All-Star Game, Kyrie Irving was interviewed on “Jimmy Kimmel” Live last night, and of course it was epic.

Kyrie spoke about playing in his fifth ASG; being picked by LeBron in the new format; his role with the Celtics; his tattoo of the “Friends” logo (who knew he had that?); and his taste in music. Kimmel also trolled Kyrie about the world being flat by giving him a globe-themed basketball.

Hollywood being what it is, Kyrie also promoted his new movie, “Uncle Drew,” which will open June 29. (Hope the 2019 Oscar ceremony doesn’t conflict with the Celtics’ schedule.)

Here are the full Kimmel segment and the movie trailer.

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