Humor May Not Be The Way To Go For Strowman

Humor May Not Be The Way To Go For Strowman

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Humor May Not Be The Way To Go For Strowman


Over the last few weeks we have seen a side of Braun Strowman that we had not seen on TV before – a more entertaining side other than just a monster.

This has provided several entertaining segments – including last week’s interruption of Elias’ song to play a song of his own using a standing bass as a guitar.

In this day and age, it is always good to do something out of the ordinary. With the monster that WWE has built since the summer of 2016, a change of pace is always good to see. A monster destroying both his opponents and various pieces of the set week after week can become a bit repetitive.

For those who don’t know, in real life, Braun Strowman is the goofy fun friend you just want to have a beer with. Over the last few months during a subtle face turn, WWE has brought that sense of humor closer to the front burner. In December, a video was released featuring Strowman as Buddy the Elf recreating scenes form the movie Elf. Strowman’s sense of humor is yet another way that he can connect with the fans.

But WWE should be a little weary of how they use it.

I really hate to put these two superstars in the same way, but I am starting to get the same feeling that I did in 2008 with The Great Khali.

When Khali debuted on SmackDown after WrestleMania 22 in 2006 he was built as this indestructible monster. His first pay-per-view match was against The Undertaker in which he beat The Deadman so bad that he was able to get the pin simply by placing his foot on the laid-out Phenom’s chest.

Khali would spend the better part of the next few years dominating everyone that stood in his way including wins against Kane at WrestleMania, John Cena and Batista. It was during his program with The Animal in 2007 though that we got a taste of the downfall of Khali’s dominate character.

After retaining his title against Batista, Khali held a traditional Punjabi celebration. During the celebration we saw something that we had not seen from this monster – smiling and dancing. At the time the brief change of character was both fun and entertaining to see.

But it just got worse…and worse…and worse. Eventually the monster that destroyed The Undertaker turned in “The Punjabi Playboy” and slowly faded away from relevance.

In no way am I saying that the same will happen with Strowman, but it is something to keep in the back of our minds. It is fun to see the fun side every now and then, but in order to keep Strowman towards the top of everyone’s, we need to maintain the “Monster Among Men” gimmick.

But hey, feel free to throw in a concert of two every now and then. I mean, come on…he’s hilarious!

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