Could Dallas Cowboys make a play for Kirk Cousins?

Could Dallas Cowboys make a play for Kirk Cousins?


Could Dallas Cowboys make a play for Kirk Cousins?


The Cowboys could be mulling a decision that would be a Master Troll move, especially as it relates to one of their NFC East rivals.

Rumblings suggest that the Cowboys could enter the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes, essentially poaching him from the Redskins, whom he spent his entire career up to this point with.

A report from Charean Williams of Pro Football Talk suggests that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a fan of Cousins, and that the team could pursue him in free agency.

“We’ve seen it so many times with his intrigue with quarterbacks,” Williams noted. “We saw it back with Johnny Manziel. He just gets in his head some of these quarterbacks that he falls in love with,” Williams noted. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a little love there for Kirk Cousins and is thinking about those down-the-field throws.”

The Cowboys, if they cut Dez Bryant and a few others, could technically have enough cap space to make a play, and would probably elect to go with a deal that includes a ton of guaranteed money. Dak Prescott is entering his third year, and will count for only $1.55 million over the next two seasons. He appeared to take a step back last season, in what was likely a sophomore slump, but if the team signed Cousins, they’d essentially be giving up on Prescott.

We’re not buying this rumor. The Cowboys have a number of other needs — especially on the defensive side of the ball — and selling the farm to land a franchise quarterback, when the team already has one, would be a curious move to say the least.

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