Jacob deGrom Has Minor Back Injury Causing Altered Breathing Patterns

Jacob deGrom Has Minor Back Injury Causing Altered Breathing Patterns


Jacob deGrom Has Minor Back Injury Causing Altered Breathing Patterns


Okay look, I really tried to be Mr. Logical on this one. I could have been snarky when this tweet came out:

But when Jay Bruce said that his plantar fasciitis was so minor that we were wasting our space printing it … I didn’t print it. And when I realized that Tim Tebow was still Tim Tebow and put on the list as extra packing bubbles, I calmed down and returned to watching Olympic curling. Besides … stretching is hard.

But now, the Baseball Gods have doubled down, and have folded a new crease in my psyche.

Glad to see that Cespedes giving up golf is paying dividends.

Terry Collins must have sauntered up to Mickey Callaway at some point and, out of the side of his mouth, whispered: “You think you’re better than me?”

Because this was all supposed to be wiped out under Callaway, right? But I guess that only covers the arms and not the back muscles, right? I understand that all this means is that deGrom will take a wee bit more time to get his back muscles to the point where they can withstand the rigors of a major league start. It also means that it’s a really good thing that the Mets went out and signed Jason Vargas. But it also means that the Mets now have their first really significant reason to worry. Your ace has back problems? That’s a worry. Not only because backs are tricky (and this is another excuse for me to tell you that I had back surgery and back pain never permanently goes away), but because for the Mets to have any chance to sniff the playoffs, all of the meal tickets have to stay healthy. That’s deGrom, that’s Noah Syndergaard, that’s Yoenis Cespedes, and that’s Jay Bruce. Everybody else you can deal with. If those four miss significant time, then you’re binge watching Netflix by July.

Oh stop with your logic.

But there’s good news:

No that’s not good news, at least the part about the injury, which he suffered in a loss against the Astros on Tuesday.

No, the other good news:

A Self Esteem Trainer? Forget the team … send him over to my house with a case of beer so that I don’t have to overanalyze every damn spring training injury until the end of time with this team.

(And by the way, it’s 2018. Can we find a way to make sprinklers in the outfield a little less conspicuous and a little less dangerous? You could have ended two of Tebow’s careers at the same time!)

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