Why Crossfit Boxes Are Different than Traditional Gyms

Why Crossfit Boxes Are Different than Traditional Gyms


Why Crossfit Boxes Are Different than Traditional Gyms


A box is a gym with certified Crossfit coaches and all the tools and the equipment that you need to perform the most intense workouts in the world. If you have never been to such a gym, you can’t help but wonder what is so special about such a gym that makes people so excited for their workouts. After all, workouts are not supposed to be fun, or are they?

Every day is different at a Crossfit box

At a normal gym, you have basic equipment, and every day you go there trying to do the same exercises better, hoping to see some real results in the mirror. After a while, all the equipment becomes too familiar and the workout routine becomes too boring to motivate you any longer. However, every day is different at a local box, with change being the only constant. You can train for months in a row, without ever doing the same routine twice. This makes every day a challenge and an adventure.

Boxes are social places

At traditional gyms, most people mind their own business, listening to music in their headphones, and nobody ever cares about what other gym members are doing. However, at a Crossfit gym even the receptionist is likely to know your fitness goals, because people are very social here. They rely on one another for support and motivation. They share workout experiences and nutritional advice, and they cheer for each other. Because Crossfit is so intense and challenging, people understand that being supportive to one another is a great way to keep your motivation and enjoy the workouts.

They turn you into an athlete

Crossfit workouts are so intense that they will turn you into an actual athlete. If you are worried about your safety, rest assured knowing that you will be guided by real athletes. Just take a look at the Brick Crossfit West Hollywood gym. You will see that most coaches there have solid athletic backgrounds, so they know what it takes to push the limits of the human body, and what the risks of these intense workouts are.

They cause addiction

Yes, Crossfit gyms cause addiction. You will start talking in the Crossfit lingo, and you will obsess about your workouts and your progress. The truth is that with this type of training you will see results after just a couple of weeks, and with each day that goes by, you will become stronger and you will gain a better control over your body. And since everybody likes to be better, you will never want to quit.

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