Predicting the 2018 QB offseason fallout

Predicting the 2018 QB offseason fallout

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Predicting the 2018 QB offseason fallout


The 2018 quarterback offseason got an early start when the Chiefs and Redskins pulled a trade to send Alex Smith to Washington. The move opens the door for Patrick Mahomes to take over as the starter in Kansas City.  The other thing it did, was all but assure that Kirk Cousins won’t be a Redskin next year.

Cousins is just one of about 30 quarterbacks who will be free to sign with any team they choose on March 12. The 31st quarterback, will most likely be Denver’s Trevor Siemian (pictured in the headline), who is available for trade. Without question, the most interesting of the 2018 free agent QB class, is that Minnesota, a game away from the Super Bowl, appears to have cleaned out house. I cannot recall any time a team did such a thing.

I won’t go through every single one of the 31 quarterbacks, instead, I will go through the ones that are drawing the most interest right now. By the way, here is a complete and full list tracking all the 2018 free agent quarterbacks. Spotrac is awesome!

Drew Brees– isn’t going anywhere. He’s staying with the Saints.

Kirk Cousins– The Jets, Broncos, and Vikings seem to be the best known suitors for Cousins right now. His signing will send the 2018 FA quarterback class into a domino effect. Everybody seems to be waiting on him right now. If he wants the money, the Jets it is. If he wants a chance to compete for a Super Bowl, Denver is his best choice. If he wants a ring, the Vikings might be the best landing spot. Seeing that Kirk wants to only sign a short 3-4 year contract before signing another 3-4 contract afterword’s, I would say the Vikings are the team to get him.

Sam Bradford– he’s the perfect “stop-gap” quarterback right now. Pick him up, let him play this season while a 1st round pick sits, watches, and learns. Arizona it is!

Jay Cutler– interesting story here; Cutler came out of retirement to play in Miami, but now his time is up and he wants to keep playing. The Dolphins have already said Tannehill is their starter, so Cutler is done there. Good fits for Jay include a pair of AFC East teams- the Jets and Bills. I’ll go with the Jets for Jay. Good move.

Case Keenum– the Cinderella story until Nick Foles’ Super Bowl performance, Keenum is gonna land wherever Kirk Cousins doesn’t. Which means, Keenum will be a Bronco.

Teddy Bridgewater– Teddy “Two Gloves” has just about every option open to him right now, the team that decides to add him will do it based on his knee injury. If they feel he can stay healthy, then he’s starting in 2018. If they are too apprehensive about the knee, then he’s a backup. I’ve got the Saints adding Teddy Two Gloves to backup the 39-year old Drew Brees in 2018.

AJ McCarron– Cleveland had a deal in place to acquire McCarron, but were late in turning in the paperwork and missed out. Now they get him without having to make a trade. Browns it is.

Mike Glennon– the $45M man is now unemployed, but he won’t be for long. I like Glennon in Kansas City with Andy Reid.

Mark Sanchez– The Sanchize will be with the Bengals to backup Andy Dalton

Brock Osweiler– If Chad Henne doesn’t return to the Jags in 2018, Osweiler would be a nice option. His success in Denver was aided by a strong running game, good receivers, and an awesome defense. Doesn’t that sound familiar in Jacksonville?


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