Quick Cap: Travis Hamonic, Poor Sport

Quick Cap: Travis Hamonic, Poor Sport


Quick Cap: Travis Hamonic, Poor Sport


No idea what the NHL employee on the right or possibly some random fan behind the glass did here to provoke Travis Hamonic (that is, if that person did anything at all), but it’s safe to say Travis Hamonic turns into a petulant child the moment his team gets torched in OT (lol).

After all, Malkin, Kessel, and Schultz put on a goddamn CLINIC tonight on 3 on 3.

Like Jesse said, that’s how you 3 on 3.

On the other hand, this may come as a surprise, but not passing the puck on a 2-0 in overtime doesn’t seem to work. Someone should maybe tell that to Johnny Gaudreau.

Even our friend Bob Grove is baffled.

Stay tuned for the full recap in the morning by your friend, @SynonymForWet.

P.S. – I really just wanted to make a pun about the Flames getting torched in a blog. Mission accomplished.


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