Your Morning Dump... Where some guy who barely knows Gordon Hayward offers his opinion

Your Morning Dump... Where some guy who barely knows Gordon Hayward offers his opinion

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Your Morning Dump... Where some guy who barely knows Gordon Hayward offers his opinion


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big story line. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens has already ruled out a Gordon Hayward return this season. Now Hayward’s father has echoed a similar sentiment. 

During an interview with the Deseret News’ Eric Woodyard, Gordon Hayward Sr. revealed he is not optimistic his son will play again this season. 

“He’s working his tail off and if he could play that would be great but I don’t think that’s really possible,” Gordon Sr. said. “He’s not even running or jumping yet.”

Mass Live — Gordon Hayward’s father not optimistic his son will return

Mere hours after the long-time TV voice of the Celtics, Mike Gorman, gave his rationale for why Gordon Hayward could be back in the playoffs, Gordon’s dad, Gordon Sr. warned against it.

Just as irrational Celtics fans refuse to completely believe Brad Stevens’ declaration that Hayward is unequivocally done for the season, there will be some among us that also want to doubt Gordon’s own father.

I’m here to tell you, doubt away, Cs fans. I’m here to poke holes in Gordon Hayward Sr. You ready? Ok, here we go.

  1. Gordon Senior is an empty-nester. Gordon Junior hasn’t lived at home in, what, 10-11 years? He  doesn’t even know Gordon Junior like we all do at this point.
  2. Jay King says Gordon Senior is 54. I hate to be an ageist here, but at 54, a hamstring pull can keep you out for months. Older Gordie just lacks a bit of the perspective needed on this injury (please don’t remind me how old Mike Gorman is, it submarines my argument)
  3. Fine, let’s say he knows Gordon Junior a little better than I think he does. You know what dads want for their sons? A positive brand and public image. Gordon Junior’s probably coming back next week, but the Hayward fam is working with a production company to air a Player’s Tribune video. Announcing his comeback will shock the world. Gordon Senior is adding to the intrigue and the wow value.

Translation: He’s definitely not coming back 🙁

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On page 2, the Marcus Morris/Jayson Tatum mentorship

Morris, acquired from the Detroit Pistons in July, has been there every step of the way, with Tatum even pointing to the seven-year veteran recently when asked which teammates have helped him most this season.

“J.T., like I’ve said plenty of times, he’s like a little brother to me,” Morris told Draper. “He’s a great, great kid — well, he’s not a kid, he’s 20 years old, he’s a great guy. He works hard, he’s not arrogant, you know what I mean, he has a great family, great mother, great father. By my meeting them, I could see that it was all really genuine.

We just clicked,” Morris, 28, added of his relationship with Tatum. “We just continue to talk and any questions he ever has for me, he can hit me (up). We talk often. It ain’t even really about basketball — just about life things — and one thing I didn’t have was a veteran that was able to take me under their wing and let me know what’s up and how everything goes around the league. I had to learn on my own. So for a guy like him, I just felt like it was just a great opportunity to help him out. And I’ve been around the league, so I’m going to just give him the insight on how this thing goes, how to stay professional, you know what I’m saying, and how to just be yourself.”

NESN — Why Marcus Morris took rookie Jayson Tatum under his wing

Jayson Tatum has had it pretty good as a rookie: He’s been asked to play major minutes, while not having to carry the load offensively. He’s given some latitude to grow and experiment on his game (the green light to shoot 3s being one way), while within the confines of a well-thought-out offensive system. He’s seen as a star to come on a team of young guys, while still surrounded by a handful of respected NBA veterans.

It’s cool to hear a little bit more about his relationship with Celtics veteran Marcus Morris. It seems like just yesterday we were watching the Morris twins at Kansas, but Marcus and his twin brother have certainly been around the league for a while now. Mook has gone toe-to-toe with Lebron James in the playoffs, and his multiple stops with organizations in both conferences gives him some perspective on what NBA life is like with different coaches in different cities. Not a bad guy for a 20-year-old rook to confide in.

Here’s the full podcast with Marcus Morris if you want to give it a listen.

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