Wait, holy crap, the Twins signed Logan Morrison?

Wait, holy crap, the Twins signed Logan Morrison?


Wait, holy crap, the Twins signed Logan Morrison?


You know, going back through the archives, I don’t think I properly registered my stunned satisfaction with regards to the Twins signing of designated hitter Logan Morrison.


Morrison is something of a luxury addition, because the Twins’ offense wasn’t the weak spot on the 2017 iteration on the roster, but Morrison definitely represents an upgrade at the designated hitter position. The Twins trotted out Robbie Grossman and Kennys Vargas most of the time, and neither was a well rounded hitter like you might desire at a position where all you are asked to do is hit. Morrison, on the other hand, hit nearly 40 home runs, had an OPS of .868 and signed for less than what the Twins are paying him less than they are paying Jason Castro.

No doubt, absolutely no doubt that last season was an aberration for Morrison, when compared to his career to that point. That’s fine, but there should be some acknowledgement in his new contract of the increased production, but the Twins are paying him like it didn’t even happen. There is some hope that Morrison can repeat this type of performance, thanks to a change in an approach at the plate that was well documented, involving a more focused approach at hitting the ball in the air.  But again, he’s being paid like he didn’t make the change.

This signing is a coup for the Twins. The deal was so good that the fit is secondary, and the potential for regression is almost irrelevant. There is an option for 2019, should things go wrong this season to get away from the contract. At the very worst, he will likely produce the same as Vargas and Grossman, but even his regular output is slightly better than those two. Maybe it worked out because there was no desperation for another hitter, like there is for more pitching?

The Twins have been pretty open with local writers that they don’t expect any more big additions. If another sweet option comes along like this though, I have no doubt that they will open their wallets once again.


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