Patience is Missing From Many NFL GMs

Patience is Missing From Many NFL GMs

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Patience is Missing From Many NFL GMs


UltimateNYG’s analyst Wonder is on the warpath against a few NFL GMs today. He complains that they are fighting to win everything now instead of developing an OL and patiently building for a legitimate title chance in 3 seasons.

NYG: Why is Gettleman trying to win right away? Build your OL. Two big tickets are diametrically opposite: Norwell vs Solder (pictured). One is 26 years old in his prime, All-Pro. The other is 30 (next month) and his wheels are beginning to come off. Solder will be done in 2 years. The Giants had a perfect opportunity to reload. But now they will be choked by the cap again, just like JPP choked them for this year’s cap. Trade Eli for a draft pick (which also frees up your cap), draft QB at 2, draft OL and some speed rushers. Build your team. When the new QB (Webb or your #2 pick overall) is ready, the OL will be ready. But they are blowing money in Free Agency like they can win a Super Bowl this year. I do not see that. Gettleman as a first year GM should have the time to rebuild. Why is he rushing? If anyone has the time, it is a new GM.

DAL: They did it right. They drafted 3 young OLmen in Round 1 and then slipped in a R4 cheap QB and Ezekiel Elliott. Home run. But what do they do next? They F it up and lose a couple of their OLmen. Because they wanted to feed Dez his gazillions. Build your OL! Maintain your OL!

CLE: If they traded for Taylor (insane, worthless), just stay where you are. Fine to trade Kizer. Sign AJ McCarron. Take Barkley at #1 and whatever QB you want at #4, since no one knows which QB is real. Draft OL, OL, OL. In a few years your OL is ready for the new QB. Instead, they blew it, as usual.

NYJ: My favorite team. Brain dead. What else is new? What they should do is draft the best QB available at #6, whoever that it is. Do not sign Teddy Bridgewater. Do not re-sign 38 year old Josh McCown to a 1 year $10M deal. Just play Petty or Hackenberg, who gives a sh*t. They are not going anywhere this year anyway. Build your OL. You have to spend your money, so you spend it wisely on guys like Norwell… young OL that will form a good OL. And draft OL the next two years. Get that OL ready… until the new Franchise QB is ready. If you hit a homerun with your QB, he will be on a rookie contract for 6 years (4 yrs + 1 yr option + 1 yr franchise tag). So you will be able to assemble some final pieces in FA at a LATER date.

WAS: You get lucky with Cousins in R4. You can’t make that work? What? You let Jackson and Garcon go. And you can’t keep Cousins? Clueless.

Contrast that with what PHL DEN and NE did.

PHL: They drafted OL, built OL, and when it was time, they moved up and drafted Carson Wentz. Did they know that Wentz was going to be great? No. At least they had a plan. They pick up Blunt as a cheap FA running back for $1.25M (contrast that with the Giants spending 2 yrs $7M for Stewart). Grab Ajayi for a R4 pick. Signed Jeffery to a reasonable deal. Drafted and developed LBers like Kendrick.

DEN: Elway let Osweiler walk because he is not paying him $20M/yr. Signed Keenum on a short 2 yr deal for $18M per. He understands what a QB is worth.

NE: Have the Patriots ever won with a star WR? No. The only time they had a great one, it was the 2007 team with Moss. If a guy earns too much money, goodbye. Seymour. Traded to a Raiders and reloaded. What do the Giants do? They give JPP $15.5M/yr with one hand. JPP isn’t half the player Seymour was.

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