Richard Sherman rips Seahawks over team-building style

Richard Sherman rips Seahawks over team-building style


Richard Sherman rips Seahawks over team-building style


It doesn’t appear that Richard Sherman will stop ripping his former team anytime soon.

Sherman sure looks to feel slighted about the way the team elected to move on from him, as well as some of the other former Legion of Boomers, and he’s made that very clear in comments he’s made over the past few weeks.

He recently appeared on Uninterrupted’s “Thomahawk Show,” and shared some thoughts about the Seahawks’ organizational philosophy.

“I think they’ve kind of lost their way a little bit in terms of how they see players and how they evaluate players,” Sherman said.

He continued:

“It just became an issue of devaluing core players that are playing at a high level and really being curious about younger players and curious about the unknown,” he said. “They say, ‘Maybe this guy is going to be the next guy’ instead of saying, ‘Hey, you have Hall of Fame talent in your secondary, how about you ride this out?’ It would be like Pittsburgh saying, ‘Troy Polamalu is great but let’s figure out what this guy behind him has.’ ”

Sherman even went on to criticize head coach Pete Carroll.

“A lot of us have been there six, seven, eight years, and his philosophy is more built for college,” he said. “Four years, guys rotate in, rotate out, and so we had kind of heard all his stories, we had kind of heard every story, every funny anecdote that he had.”

It’s understandable that Sherman initially felt slighted, but it might be time to let this whole thing go. He’s now made it personal, but he already has a fresh start with a new team. It’s questionable that he chose the 49ers as is, as he initially indicated that he wanted to play for a contender, but it’s likely that he picked them mainly to stick it to the Seahawks.

The NFL is a business, so taking things personally isn’t going to work out well for players in the long run. There’s no point in fighting the machine — it’s bigger than Sherman.

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