"When October Rolls Around, The Mets Will Wear The Crown"

"When October Rolls Around, The Mets Will Wear The Crown"


"When October Rolls Around, The Mets Will Wear The Crown"


Author of my talents only you have I praised.
To thee only shall my hands be raised.
For when I was burdened with the weight of my team,
To my rescue you came it always did seem.

For outstanding was my play on any given day
When you intervened to help lead the way.
Grateful to you I shall always be
For exploiting my talents for the world to see.

For out there on the diamonds before thousands of fans
We players perform as best we can.
Perform we must both day and night
In search of victory with all our might.

In search of a place with other sports greats,
In the “halls of fame” where ability rates,
Where DiMaggio, Clemente, Robinson and the rest,
Stand proudly enshrined among baseball’s best.

For deep is my yearning for a place at the top.
And with you leading the way, the competition cannot stop
The glory of fame which someday I will receive,
When I too pass on and a proud record leave.

So guide me dear author for the competition is keen,
And I too might fall like others I’ve seen.
For many are the performers, yet few reach the top.
But with you leading the way, I cannot be stopped.


An Athlete’s Prayer, by Miracle Mets third baseman Ed “The Glider” Charles

All miracles need a little bit of glue. Ed Charles was the glue of the Miracle Mets.

When October rolls around,
 The Mets will wear the crown.
 East side, west side.

Ed Charles

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