Big Baby Busted

Big Baby Busted

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Big Baby Busted


Donald Glen Davis, 32, of Tarzana, Calif., was charged last Wednesday with possession of more than 10 grams of marijuana and drug paraphernalia and drug possession with intent to distribute.

The Hartford County Aegis

The ledger was of names of people of who owed money along with baggies for individual packaging of a quarter pound of marijuana.

The strains were called “Sour D” and “Berry,” all from a Los Angeles wholesaler court records show Davis told police he was in business with.

It all resulted Davis’ arrest followed by an indictment weeks later on seven counts of drug possession and distribution.


Glen Davis nominally earned $35,000,000 (give or take) during his NBA career.

I wonder how much of it is left.

I mean, I’m looking at this guy, and it’s like, you’ve got a pretty amazing overlap of bad advice and stupidity going on here.

I can just about imagine all of the people that told him they were looking out for him while they were in fact more concerned about using his money to look after themselves…

At the same time, Davis is 32 years old. He’s an been an adult for quite some time now. At a certain point in time we all stop becoming victims of bad advice and start becoming people who go out in search of bad advice.

Seems Donald Glen Davis has placed himself pretty firmly in the latter category.

Back in November 2016, he announced that he was stepping away from basketball to get involved in the motion pictures.

I mean that right there is the result of two fools meeting.

I can just about imagine the conversation….

Sketchy ‘cousin’: “Hey, Big B., I need $100,000 to finish shooting my unauthorized sequel to Lethal Weapon. It’s a guaranteed box office smash.”

Davis: “Hmm. Have you lined up a distributor? And what will we need to pay Warner Brothers to release the rights?”

Cousin: “What’s a distributor?”

Davis: “I’m sorry, I’d love to help, but I don’t think you have thought this plan all the way through.”

(Or…. perhaps??)

Sketchy ‘cousin’: “Hey, Big B., I need $100,000 to finish shooting my unauthorized sequel to Lethal Weapon. It’s a guaranteed box office smash.”

Davis: “I love it! Do you want cash or check?”

Fast forward a year and a half…

Where are we?

Some knucklehead apparently convinces Davis that the smart play is to sell a drug legalized in 30 states and the District in one of the remaining states where doing so can lead to a criminal prosecution.

But it doesn’t stop there! Our good friend decides that the only way he can improve on that particularly brilliant business strategy is by cutting out all the messy business of finding a dealer and selling the stuff himself–through whatever contacts and in whatever manner seems the best way to go about doing so, based on his lengthy experience in the related field of professional basketball.

Then, as he’s conducting business in a public facility, he decides, ‘man, why am I letting these guys have all the fun? What’s the point in dealing if I can’t get high every once in a while?’

So, rather than drawing as little attention as possible to the locally illegal enterprise he’s carrying out in a rented room, he decides to basically hang a banner out the window saying “laws being broken here!!”


Maybe don’t post an IG vid of yourself and your suitcase of drug money?

To a certain extent I feel sorry for Davis, in that it’s pretty obvious he’s spent most of his life getting bad advice. But, on the other hand, if you’re in your 30s and you haven’t figured out what bad advice smells like, that’s about 90% on you.

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