Touchdowns and Tangents: Raiders, Frank Gore, Chris Long, Pro Days and more

Touchdowns and Tangents: Raiders, Frank Gore, Chris Long, Pro Days and more

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Touchdowns and Tangents: Raiders, Frank Gore, Chris Long, Pro Days and more


Your Pro Day ain’t on my playlist

The Touchdowns and Tangents podcast gives you free agency updates on Sheldon Richardson, Ndamukong Suh, Morgan Burnett, Jason Pierre-Paul, Jordan Matthews, Michael Crabtree, Mike Wallace and Allen Hurns. There are updates on Georgia, USC and UCLA Pro Days for NFL Draft folks.


Chris Simmons from calls into the show to give some insights on the Oakland Raiders latest moves as well as Jon Gruden’s vision. There’s also a topical tangent about Frank Gore‘s Legacy.

Listen to “Your Pro Day Ain’t on My Playlist” on Spreaker.

Kenneth and Pete have their levels right and phone line back up this week. Kenny’s mom calls in to share the importance of proper running technique. The guys also touch on Rod Woodson‘s controversial comments on the Oakland Raiders.  There’s an introduction to the ultimate walkout/NFL draft music playlist. What is the playlist to your greatest moments of glory and accomplishment? Shout out to Lil’ Wayne’s The Sky’s the Limit for making an appearance on Pete’s playlist and this week’s outro. 

Also, pay attention for the tease about future live streaming. You’ll die laughing at some of the Clemson Pro Day and Chris Long takes too. Plus, Why do d-linemen keep going to the 3–4 defense?

What’s in the Podcast name?

This podcast is like walking into a room full of good food and realizing you need to eat and have more creativity. The show comes from the greatest underground hip hop shop and the blasphemous talk you have with with a college homie.

Kenny tries to name the show Plead the 5th or your draft stock dips as well as Pro Days lead to Pro Bowls. Pete hates both of them and snitches on group chat protocol on Twitter.

We’re a professional quality podcast recorded in a studio by two professional journalists. This show is always live and topical. We’ve got over 60 episodes and have been bodying the sports competition for almost four years. Sports media lie, our archives do not.

This podcast is more than a football podcast for football heads by football heads. TDs & Tangents features topical tangents and endless banter surrounding the NFL, culture, and society. That means race, sex, hip hop, food, politics, economics, religion and almost everything else comes up during this football podcast.

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