Do the Patriots Need to Strengthen Defensively to Regain the Super Bowl Title?

Do the Patriots Need to Strengthen Defensively to Regain the Super Bowl Title?


Do the Patriots Need to Strengthen Defensively to Regain the Super Bowl Title?


Tom Brady Celebrating Super Bowl Victory” by Brian Allen

Tom Brady came close to taking the New England Patriots to yet another Super Bowl title in the 2017 season, but they fell at the last hurdle. The Patriots lost in the Super Bowl to the Philadelphia Eagles, giving up 41 points to yet again question whether they are good enough defensively to compete with the best.

While the Patriots do need to strengthen defensively ahead of the 2018 season, they don’t necessarily need to make wholesale changes to their defense. We saw flashes of brilliance from them, alongside some horror shows, and they need to find consistency as much as anything else. At the start of the 2017 season we saw the Patriots at their worst defensively, conceding over 30 points in three of their opening four games. Their opening day loss to Kansas City was a look at what was to come over the next few games for the team.

However, since their bye in week nine, we saw the opposite from them; they really dominated teams and kept the scoreboard down. They won seven of their last eight games, and the most they conceded was 27 to the Miami Dolphins in week 14, the only game they lost in that spell. The Raiders, Bills and Jets were all kept to single figures towards the end of the season, and had this type of form been held for the full season, their defense would not be in question at all.

New England Patriots” by SAB0TEUR (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The one positive for the Patriots is that they know they can perform to an incredibly high standard, so there is no need to make big changes. What they do need to do is find consistency and to help with that, they may need to look at bringing in a couple of defensive players to keep competition for places tough, and those playing regularly on their toes. With added consistency, there is every reason to believe the Patriots can regain their Super Bowl crown in 2018. The best odds for betting online have the Patriots +500 for Super Bowl success this coming season, and it is hard to argue with that. Tom Brady has all the offensive tools he needs, and with some small tweaks, the Patriots are capable of being one of the best defensive teams in the league.

By adding a little more consistency, and a sprinkling of new additions to keep their roster feeling fresh, the New England Patriots have a good chance of going close in the race for the 2018 Super Bowl. They have Tom Brady to run their offensive plays, and based on glimpses of what we saw last season from their defense, they have the potential to be a top ten defense in the league. That would be enough to carry them through, and give them a great chance to win back their crown.

Many people are going to fancy the Patriots to do well in 2018, and there is a case to be made for them going all the way once more.

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