The Greatest NFL Moments In The World

The Greatest NFL Moments In The World


The Greatest NFL Moments In The World


If basketball fans have the NBA, then football addicts have the NFL. It was and still is one of the most favorite games of Americans and watching NFL games has become a tradition within the family and circle of friends, where cheering is rampant and adds to the fun.

There are just too many epic moments involving NFL games and narrowing it down is like watching a 5-second video of what’s supposed to be a 5-minute long highlight. Since it’s impossible to list every memorable game, we have picked the greatest moments that we think will be forever etched into every football fan’s memory.

NFL-AFL Merger and the Super Bowl’s Birth

Who would forget the birth of the Super Bowl—the most anticipated football game in the entire nation? In 1960, when the American Football League (AFL) started playing games, not many people were attracted, and not much was expected. Despite some resistance, their fan base grew, and it became clear that the games were not going away.

Discussions occurred between the owners of the NFL and AFL, and the next thing we knew, a merger happened and was announced on June 8, 1966. The merger resulted in a larger league and greater interest, that one can still witness today. The merger was completed in 1970 when the first season started. The first game between the champions was called the AFL-NFL World Championship. It was changed to Chiefs until the fourth championship game, and then it officially became the first Super Bowl.

Miami Dolphins Perfect Season

Of course, there’s no way we’ll leave out the most epic season in the history of NFL history. Ever since the NFL started in 1920, only one team has swept through the regular season, playoffs, and Super Bowl, thereby achieving a complete, perfect season! You guessed it right—the 1972 Miami Dolphins.

Despite playing without the team’s injured quarterback, Bob Griese, in Week 5, the team still managed to win every game, finishing with a 17-0 record that year with Griese’s return. In 2007, the New England Patriots came close to matching the Dolphin’s perfect season, but they lost the Super Bowl to the New York Giants, and this was a whole new memorable game altogether.

Super Bowl XXV

No other Super Bowl game has been decided by one point besides the Super Bowl XXV in 1991. A match between the American Football Conference champion Buffalo Bills and National Football Conference champion New York Giants, this Super Bowl became even more memorable because it was held despite the ongoing Gulf War. Security was tight during the game, but that didn’t hinder the people from showing their pride of the nation. The game ended with a 20-9 score in favor of the Giants.

Helping Heal The 9/11 Pain

Probably one of the most tragic incidents in US history is the 9/11 attacks, and as far as touching moments are concerned, there’s no topping the weekend when the NFL games resumed after the tragedy that happened on September 11, 2001. When the seasons re-commenced amid grief, death, and stress, people were touched by every moment of the games played and the NFL helped the country heal in some way.

The NFL games have become a significant part of every football fan’s life. It is both a past time and a tradition, and to many, like those that enjoy sports betting at, a rewarding game for fans! There’s nothing wrong with that, as it proves that the NFL brings enjoyment and pleasure to us all!

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