The Weekend Wasn't Kind To Cardinals Hamstrings

The Weekend Wasn't Kind To Cardinals Hamstrings

St. Louis Cardinals

The Weekend Wasn't Kind To Cardinals Hamstrings


The Cardinals made it thiiiiis close to breaking spring training in Jupiter unscathed on the injury front.

Little did we know a hamstring party was going down over the weekend and the hangover would be vicious.

First it was announced on Saturday that (presumptive) closer Luke Gregerson would start the season on the DL with a hamstring strain.

Then on Sunday Adam Wainwright doubled the amount of Cardinals pitchers not able start the regular season on the roster due to semi-serious semimembranosus sorrow.

You get a hammy. And YOU get a hammy.

Neither pitcher is expected to miss more than a couple weeks of action and pitching depth is one of the Cardinals advertised strengths heading into 2018… so while the news is disappointing, it’s not devastating.

The closer by committee will still be a closer by committee:

Jack Flaherty will be in the Cardinals rotation until Wainwright comes back:

Here’s a video I found with like 150 something views, in case you want to hear the new starter speak:

Let’s hope both these guys get healthy soon.

For the rest of the team?

They’re in for an exciting week.

Monday and Tuesday they’ll be playing exhibition games against the Blue Jays in Montreal’s Stade Olympique in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district. 

Fingers crossed the crowds are thicker than they were in the last days of the Expos tenure.

Then they’re off to NYC for OPENING FREAKING DAY against the Mets on Thursday!

Yes, THIS Thursday!

Maybe you were like me and a little meh on spring baseball, but now is the time to start playing catch-up on what you missed the past month and get ready for the regular season.

This was the last weekend without professional baseball you’ll have for the next 6 months.

Photo: TNation

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