Tips to selecting the winner of the Stanley Cup

Tips to selecting the winner of the Stanley Cup

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Tips to selecting the winner of the Stanley Cup


NHL teams have between 7 and 9 games remaining for their season, so we can be fairly well assured of who will and will not be making the playoffs. I have put together a handful of metrics which you may partake in to determine which NHL franchise will take the Cup home for the summer.

Most Points – The team that earns the most regular season points wins the President’s Cup. This team never wins the Playoff. Nashville

Most Goals – Maybe you like a team with a good offense. Well, who is scoring the most? Tampa Bay

Fewest Goals allowed – Conversely, maybe you like a good defensive struggle. Hard to argue with that, I guess, if you’re boring. Boston

Greatest Goal Differential – Put those together, and who has beat their opponents by the most through the season? Tampa Bay

Hottest – Who has won the most in their last 10? Columbus

Strongest at home – To win the Cup, you need to protect home ice. Who has the most home wins? Winnipeg

Road Warriors – Obviously, not all games are home games, so the ability to win on the road is clutch too. Tampa Bay

Clutch – Who has the best record in shootouts? They don’t happen in the playoffs, but a lucky team that can keep their head in tense situations might be a good bet. St. Louis (3-0)

Unlucky – Maybe you think someone who has been unlucky in the season is stronger than most think, and are bound to see their luck change. Philadelphia

Got all those tips? Now throw them out the window, because the hockey playoffs don’t make any sense. I’m personally going to throw out all the teams mentioned (and Washington, because duh) and tell you that the winner of the Stanley cup will be Pittsburgh, Toronto, New Jersey, Minnesota, Vegas, San Jose, Anaheim or Colorado (probably Pittsburgh). You’re welcome.

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