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Online Gambling Regulations in the UK and USA

Online Gambling Regulations in the UK and USA

Every online gambling site has to follow a set of strict regulations but these differ across jurisdictions. Online gambling in the UK is a highly popular pastime and there are many websites to choose from offering casino, bingo, poker and sports betting products. The market is competitive and regulated so casino players know what to expect and can gamble safely. In the USA, the online gambling market is very different and players have far fewer options. Each state in the USA has its own laws surrounding online gambling and the legalities are not always clear. Read on for more differences in gambling regulations between the UK and USA.

UK Gambling Regulations

There are many different online casinos to choose from in the UK. As long as the site has a license from the UK Gambling Commission and adheres to the gambling act of 2005, it can operate in the UK. Online gambling in the UK is highly competitive and so casinos need to offer players increasingly attractive offers to entice new customers. The UK online casino industry has some great incentives, including big welcome bonuses and on-going promotions.

Due to the strong regulations and transparency required by UK gambling laws, it is easy to ensure if an online casino is legitimate and regulated. It must have the seal of the UK Gambling Commission and this can easily be spotted at the bottom of the website. UK online casinos offer a huge number of gaming options to players with hundreds of games from many different developers. See here for some of the many games available at UK online casinos, which include classic table games, slots and video poker.

Another great aspect to the online casinos available in the UK is the reliable customer service, which is often available around the clock. There are also usually many different payment methods available, including bank cards, e-wallets, mobile phone payments and even cryptocurrencies. You can check out all the options for support and banking methods by reading useful online reviews. Click here for an extensive casino review covering licensing, bonuses, games and support options for Mr Smith Casino.

USA Gambling Regulations

In the USA, the online gambling situation is very different. Players do not have as much choice of where to play and many international online casinos are closed to US players. As each state can set its own laws in relation to online gambling, it depends where a player lives as to whether or not they can access online gambling sites. Some states only allow players from their own state to play there, while federal law prohibits most forms of online gambling. This restrictive attitude lies in stark contrast to the country’s reputation as a land-based gaming paradise with Las Vegas such a famous gambling city.

It is important for US players to check the legalities of an online casino before they attempt to sign up and play there. For example, New Jersey allows online gambling but only in its own registered online casinos, while for gaming across most of the USA, playing at sites actually located in the country is illegal. Also be aware some sites that do accept US players might be unlicensed or unregulated, so they might not be safe for players.

In 2006, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act came into effect, which made it illegal for financial institutions to process transactions from gambling websites. This made is almost impossible for US customers to deposit or withdraw money at US online casinos.

Another issue for players in the USA is that the online casinos do not offer as many options in terms of software and games. Some of the biggest software providers, such as Playtech and Microgaming, do not supply games to US casinos. This means US players will miss out on some of the best known games in the world – and some huge progressive jackpot opportunities from top titles such as Major Millions.

Why the USA Should Adopt the UK’s Gambling Regulations

In order to attract more players and generate more revenues, it would make sense for the USA to adopt some of the UK gambling regulations.  By opening up the market and encouraging more businesses into the legal online gambling industry, online gambling in the USA could become more competitive, while greater transparency and clarity in operations and regulations would protect players.

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