10 Inspirational Sports Movies Worth Seeing

10 Inspirational Sports Movies Worth Seeing


10 Inspirational Sports Movies Worth Seeing


Every athlete or sports fan in the world knows that sport is always a drama. What can give you higher rush than actual participation? Anyway, inspirational sports movies offer a nice way to feel the tension of sports without rising from your own comfortable chair. If that’s what you secretly wish for, welcome to this list of best sports movies ever. No ranking – feel free to make your own.


  • Rocky (1976)


How can we not start with the classics, recognized and dearly beloved by millions? In case you missed something, let me tell you that as of now, the Rocky legend includes 7 parts. Concerned about how you can squeeze all seven into your tight schedule? Well, one more secret is this: you don’t have to write your assignments yourself. Instead, just go to the best site to buy research paper online – and time will be on your side, I guarantee.


  • Bleed for This (2016)


One more inspiring story about a boxer. It is on the list of best sports movies of all time mainly due to Vinny’s bright and charismatic personality. Although the plot is nothing new, the details make it worth watching.


  • Peaceful Warrior (2006)


Are you beginning to think all best inspirational sports movies tell us about boxers? If yes, I am happy to assure you that the cinematographic sports world is just as diverse as students’ favorite sports activities. To prove my point, I present you the Peaceful Warrior, a tough drama on a gifted gymnast’s difficult and amazing life.


  • Race (2016)


This one is about one of the best track and field athletes of all time, Jesse Owens. Apart from sport and victory, the movie raises such themes as white supremacy, rivalry versus friendship, and love. Jesse Owens, an African-American sportsman, had to face the 1936 Berlin Olympics, where white supremacist ideology flourished. Thus, the film gives an insightful picture of an extremely difficult period in the world’s history. A whole lot of absurd bureaucratic procedures took place to make Jesse stay away from the competitions. If you enjoy a good-hearted melodrama with a sprinkle of history – Race is your cup of tea.


  • I, Tonya (2017)


Although based on the life story of a glorious woman, figure-skater Tonya Harding, the first USA female to complete a triple axel on stage, this biographical film lacks any kind of glamour. In fact, I, Tonya is a black-humored comedy depicting Tonya’s attack on a rival. One of the most successful women in sports, Tonya becomes a victim of her own wild temperament, as well as of the media smear campaign. Tense and crude, the movie narrates her version of the infamous story.


  • Cool Runnings (1988)


Also a comedy, it differs much from I, Tonya. Personally, I find it hilariously uplifting. It tells the story of the first Jamaican bobsled team, which makes it to the top due to the unbeaten optimism of the sportsmen. One minute a slapstick comedy, another a serious drama, Cool Runnings will fill your heart with light.


  • Hoosiers (1986)


It deserves to be in the top 10 best sports movies thanks to the high degree of emotion. It’s all about raw hope, and real things to make a dream come true. The movie shows a rural Indiana basketball team in the most unbelievable scenario: on its way to the victory in the state championship. The most inspirational of all, Hoosiers is a must to watch.


  • Coach Carter (2005)


While we are on team sports, let me remind you about the coach’s role in the team’s success. The best team cannot do without the best coach, as history proves. Coach Carter depicts the life of a high school basketball coach Ken Carter, famous for suspending his sportsmen if they showed poor results in school.


  • Miracle (2004)


Based on the real events, the documentary shows a fantastic victory for the USA hockey team during the 1980 Olympics. The central character is the team’s coach, Herb Brooks, who leads his team through the struggle with the help of his own immense charisma. The hockey scenes are taken from the real hockey games, so Miracle is a pleasure for hockey fans.


  • Moneyball (2011)


A different sports movie. The difference lies in the topic: instead of depicting the struggle of a prominent sportsman, Moneyball shows the world through the eyes of a sports manager. Juggling the budget means much more to him than exhausting training or power of will. Well, a great way to see the other side of sports, the one which always goes unnoticed. Besides, thanks to Brad Pitt’s undoubted talent, the movie boasts high-caliber acting, and beautifully staged baseball scenes make it captivating. Enjoy!

Remember that watching the movies, however inspirational they might be, will never substitute real-life experiences. So get energized by what cinema offers – and conquer the world in any field you want!

BIO: Crystal Roman is a passionate basketball and soccer player, an author of a series of articles revealing the inner side of sports teams’ life. She has a Master’s degree in journalism from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She is currently working as an academic expert at famous writing company, combining it with a successful career of a sports journalist. You can always find her visiting EduBirdie at Facebook.

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