Devin Robinson talks G League season and summer improvements

Devin Robinson talks G League season and summer improvements


Devin Robinson talks G League season and summer improvements


The Washington Wizards did not have a draft pick in the 2017 NBA draft, but they did sign Michael Young and Devin Robinson to two-way contracts. Even though they did not count against the cap or luxury tax, Young was cut midway through the season leaving Robinson as they only player for Washington to develop.

In 44 regular season games in the G League, bouncing around between different teams, Robinson averaged 13 points on 50.1 percent shooting and 38.1 percent from deep plus 5.2 rebounds in 26.3 minutes per game. For his hard work in the G League, Robinson was rewarded with a late season call up and had two points and five rebounds in 13 minutes of garbage time play in the last game of the season against the Orlando Magic. Robinson is unsure of what his future holds, whether it be playing for the Capital City Go-Go in their inaugural season or making the Wizards roster out of training camp, but will work to improve his still raw game. Here is what he had to say about the past season and future improvements he would like to make.

On what he will work on this summer:

“I just need to work on my overall game. I just got to come in here and grind. Work on my body, definitely work on my body to gain weight, get stronger. Just work on my overall game to figure out the offense and get acclimated in the system, you know.”

On what he needs to do to crack the rotation next season:

“I just need to work on being more consistent on defense and just working offense in and figuring out the plays and stuff. And, getting coach’s trust that he can put me in in crunch time, or put me in in the playoffs or put me in in general, you know, and I can help the team be successful.”

On tweaking his shooting mechanics during the season:

“It’s been stressful, frustrating some days. You know, like you’re used to making all of these shots shooting your way, and then find out it’s the wrong way and you try to work on it. And then, you start missing all of a sudden. It’s frustrating, but I trust the coaches, trust the process and I just keep working at it. I’m gonna figure it out.”

On who mentored him during the season:

“I hung out with Markieff a lot and Mike Scott just because those guys were similar in my size and skill set. And (they) just told me to keep working. When I was in the G-League, they would text me, ‘Just keep your head up, keep working hard. We see you down there working. Just keep working.’ And when I came up here, they just taught me little skills, like little tricks and stuff to help me improve my game. They told me told me to keep at it, keep working hard. Be the first man in the gym and the last one to leave, and just continue working hard and it’s gonna pay off.”

On if he needed to gain weight this season:

“I mean, it’s different down there, you know. I can away with a lot of things, but up here, I’m playing with the best of the best, the elite. I got to be on my tip-top game, you know. I mean, like, I saw it. It was wavering; it went up and down. But, it really didn’t affect me as much down there as it probably would here. So, I feel like I need to improve in that area.”

On being away from the Wizards:

“It was challenging at times feeling like you’re not part of the team, but at the same time, you’re part of the team. But I mean, those guys, I talked to them almost every other week or so. They still check on me and make me feel like I’m part of the team. I mean whatever situation i was in, I just tried to make the best of whatever situation I was in. When I was in the G-League playing with those guys, those guys were my teammates, I’m trying to win and I want to compete. When I’m up here, it’s the same thing. It was challenging at first, but I got the hang of it.”

On the Wizards getting the Capital City Go-Go:

“It’s going to be a lot easier, for sure, to have their own team, you know. It was challenging for me because I was in a whole other state, whole different organization. I had to learn their plays and it’s much different from what it is here. But, I think it’s going to be good for us to have our own G-League team, and for a two-way guy to get to come up here, and work out and be right down the street from home. It’s gonna be good.”

On communication with Wizards while in G League:

“They sent Alex [McLean, Player Development Assistant] down there with me. You know, we was just working. I talked to Coach Adkins a lot. I talked to him probably after every game. He gave me analysis on how I did and constructive criticism. So, I mean I had a lot of communication with the staff up here. It wasn’t that much different, but they talked to me and told me to feel comfortable.”

On the NBA’s two-way contract implementation:

“I definitely think the NBA will continue to use the two-way. For the first year. it went pretty smooth, you know. Guys were getting called up and you feel good because you’re working. I mean, obviously you want to be with the top guys, you know. But, you’re working but you’re still part of the team, you still have a home to go home to. It was a good experience. You could come work with the guys up here and definitely you play down there. So, it’s a good experience and I think it’s going to continue for sure.”

On Summer League:

“Yeah, I’m excited for Summer League. I’m going to have to work and try to get my team some wins this year Last year was kind of rough in summer league. We’ll try to turn that around this year.”

On not getting too much of a chance for the Wizards this season:

“Yeah, I mean obviously it’s frustrating for a young guy like me who wants to come in, and make an impact right away and feel like he was improving. I mean, I just kept level-headed. I knew that Washington knew what they were doing. These guys knew what they were doing, they have an ultimate plan and if it’s not my time, it’s not my time right now. I mean obviously, some days it got hard. But, I just try to work on my game, and keep improving and not worry about that.”

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