NFL Draft review: Baker Mayfield goes first

NFL Draft review: Baker Mayfield goes first

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NFL Draft review: Baker Mayfield goes first


I like Baker Mayfield, always been a fan of his, especially the on-the field play.  And I never minded the antics he did against Kansas when he grabbed his crotch, I mean, Kansas did refuse to shake his hand after all.

While others ranted about his “poor sportsmanship”, I actually thought it was awesome, and as a wrestling fan, it was a total heel move.

Baker’s passion, arrogance, whatever you want to call it, is contagious, and it’s good for the NFL.  People love to cheer the “bad guy”, don’t believe me? Look at Roger Goodell.  Fans love to hate him.

Mayfield played that role at Oklahoma.  The NFL is another question, and to be honest, the Browns don’t seem like the kind of place where he could do that.

Mayfield would have been perfect in New York as a Jet or even as a Bronco under John Elway, but in Cleveland, who is no stranger to having one of the most loved/hated players in a sport, it is difficult to fill in the gap with a team as terrible as the Browns are.

I honestly thought, and still think, that Sam Darnold was the best quarterback heading into this draft.  I had Baker in the mix, but not as the first or second quarterback to get drafted.  I think/thought after Darnold, Josh Allen would be the next to go, followed by either Rosen or Mayfield, but all dependent on the situation.

I hope Mayfield works out in Cleveland.  I hope they finally found their quarterback.  I didn’t like the pick then, still don’t like it now. It’s not about Baker, I like him, it was about the Browns picking Baker that I didn’t like.

You somehow cannot help but think, that maybe Cleveland made another bad move at the QB position.  After all, this is the same franchise that took Brandon Weeden in the 1st round of 2012, leaving guys like Russell Wilson and Nick Foles on the board, and taking Johnny Manziel in 2014, leaving Jimmy Garoppolo and Derek Carr available for the second day.

It’s not about the quarterback, it’s about the franchise the quarterback is being asked to save that’s the problem.  Mayfield would have been an excellent pick for Buffalo or Denver, but Cleveland? Ehh…we’ll see what happens.

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