Draymond Green applies to trademark 'Hampton 5'

Draymond Green applies to trademark 'Hampton 5'


Draymond Green applies to trademark 'Hampton 5'


The “Hampton 5” or “Death Lineup” as they’re called, has given opposing NBA teams fits.

And in case you’re not aware, the phrase was coined when the Warriors’ starting four — Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala — went to a house in the Hamptons to court Kevin Durant.

As we know now, whatever they said worked, as KD chose to sign with the Warriors, and the rest is history. The Warriors are now attempting to win their third title in four years.

And Draymond Green is attempting to monetize it.

Green’s company, Money 23 Green Enterprises, applied to trademark the phrase “Hampton 5,” according to TMZ Sports.

Apparently, he applied to do so last year. The interesting thing here is what Green’s teammates think about it, as technically, they could’ve done the same, but Draymond swooped in and did it (no word on if he asked for their consent beforehand).

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