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Odell Beckham Jr. Can Apparently Play Baseball, Too

New York Giants star wide receiver hit batting practice tonight in Anaheim ahead of the Angels game against the Tampa Bay Rays. OBJ sported a throwback Devil Rays jersey of current Rays pitcher Blake Snell, who brought in OBJ as his guest for the night. The roots of their relationship is unclear, but it gave OBJ the opportunity to show off his swing.

It’s only batting practice; but OBJ’s one-handed catches have shown that he is a superhuman, so it may already be fair assumption to say that OBJ could be the next Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, or (do I dare say it?) even the next Tim Tebow.

OBJ played football, basketball, track, and soccer in high school, and it probably was not very difficult for him to pick up a bat and go yard during batting practice. If OBJ ends up finding professional football too easy, maybe he will choose to challenge himself and become a two-sport athlete. And I don’t think anyone would question his athletic ability.

As a matter of fact, his New-York-sports neighbor Mets could definitely use his help right now.

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