The Top Sports Video Games of 2018

The Top Sports Video Games of 2018


The Top Sports Video Games of 2018


Sports games have arrived in the year 2018 and they will continue to arrive in many shapes, sizes and forms. Games like FIFA 2018 and Rocket League are examples of games that will have absolutely nothing common in them and yet they happen to be one of the most popular sports games out there. There are several other games like that and we’ve included them in the list right here.

FIFA 2018

EA has the annual football series called FIFA, with FIFA 2018 being the latest one right now and FIFA 2019 being introduced later in the year, the associated website FIFA Index confirmed.  While there is a very exciting multiplayer mode that you can participate it anytime you want, if you appreciate a compelling single player story mode and that too from a sports game, then you will enjoy what FIFA 2018 brings to the table. There is also a very strong and healthy online community so you will not be wasting precious time in searching for a game because it will only take minutes before you start getting in on the action. If you want to try out a long repository of games, you can check out lots of sports games (on

Rocket League

Rocket League comes under fantasy sports games and it is easily one of the few games that you can play for a quick 15-30 minutes without getting bored or if you simply want to relax on your chair or lie in the living room. The premise of the game is quite easy to understand. It is football with rocket powered cars. What makes it work really well is the strange physics behind the entire game. The ball appears to be moving almost in slow motion, resulting in great immersion of the game.

Everybody’s Golf

Everybody’s Golf brings in a fresh new series of elements to revive what lots of people believe to be a boring sport. The game combines the competitive nature of a sports title and mixes it with the fun elements so that you will not get bored and will stay in the game to develop your character to the end. Speaking of your character, it can advance in their golf career and get new equipment to match your playing style as you level up by winning watches and tournaments. You can also get to experience free-roaming courses, online play, mini-games, and unlockable extras.

NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 is all about teamwork and one of the defining characteristics of the game is that each individual player has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. They also have their own dedicated personalities, with some of them being more confident behind the foul line, while others are able to score 3-pointers like it was nothing. Others can dribble quicker, while others are exceptional when it comes to defense. However, it is going to take a lot of hardwork and dedication to successfully master the sport but if you can spare an hour a day, you will easily be able to improve your skill level at a casual stage.

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